Dead on or "tea bagger" propaganda? You be the judge.

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A little lengthy, but worth the watch. Hope it's not a harbinger of things to come. To quote the famous Yogi, "Could very well be déjà vu all over again".


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Submitted by S. Lindsey on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 9:24am.

the last few scenes? "Obama for President Change is coming" painted on the walls?

I wonder if they thought their Mortgages would be paid and get free gas as well?

This is no different than New Orleans.. Under Democrat control for ages and what happened when a Cat 5 Hurricane was bearing down on them.. They were so conditioned to being told what to do by the Government and being "helped" that they just sat back and waited.. We all saw the buses under water that could have been used to transport them out..but did they use them .. NO.

Oh the Democrat leaders all left the city.. leaving their "constitutes" to fend for themselves..

Result we had to send MASSIVE resources to rescue them..

...and those constituents they left behind? They voted their "fearless" leaders back in.. gotta feed the pig.

Unions and Liberals will be the death of this Country.. they already have their grubby hands around her throat.

"A little matter will move a party

but it must be something great that moves a nation.

~Thomas Paine"

Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 10:58am.

I did see the signs at banks saying don't worry, FDIC will save your cash and our stockholders will get zillions in bailout!
I doubt anyone's house will be paid for!

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Submitted by Cyclist on Tue, 12/29/2009 - 10:21pm.

and an example of what happens when capital no longer flows or flourishes. No amount of government money can save this or bring back prosperity and so the whole mess just keeps descending down a hole. Those poor residents are going down the same hole with the city.

And just think, at one time our nation was second to none and the envy of other countries. Our currency was used as a benchmark for the world. Our economy was so strong that the we had the wherewithal to fight in two theaters of a war, simultaneously, in a conflict that was forced upon us.

What the hell happened?

Signed, Frustrated in Fayetteville.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 8:06pm.

I have done my best on here to tell you "what the hell happened!"

This current President hasn't got a chance in hell of getting back to the 90s, in one year or four. No one has. Right when money traders needed management and regulation the most they got none. Paying all bills and salaries with credit can not last long.

"Irrational exuberance," I believe one of them said when he should have said, "the bastards are ruining us!"
Such fancy words are generally ignored--as they are meant to be!

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Submitted by Cyclist on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 8:31pm.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by normal on Tue, 12/29/2009 - 7:02pm.

I truly believe that unions along with our government are to blame for our problems. If I bribe someone I will be arrested. The government takes bribes every day from the unions to get their way. But thats ok. Unions have driven all the companies over seas, out of business or at least to mexico. In return we have no jobs and we dont produce anymore. If you spineless bastards keep voting in unions because you are a whimp and cant stand on your own this country will keep sinking. We will soon be considered a 3rd world country. Once upon a time some say unions served a purpose. Well their time has come and now is gone. Stand on your own 2 feet and stop supporting the scum in the unions. Oh and Happy New year.

Submitted by BenAthar on Tue, 12/29/2009 - 9:56pm.

At my work I have a few people trying to say the "U" word. To be honest, I rather not have them in my workplace. Otherwise I will be overpaid for a job that I can't help anyone out, because my union contract said so. Besides which it drives up the price on a service or product that a company provides. Look at ATT and how they have way too many workers that ONLY DO 1 job! Just like the union joke goes.....How many union members does it take to change a light bulb?????
It's not a good idea to keep them around. I almost think that the Auto industry is really thinking of booting them out, since most of them are in bankruptcy. It's one way of not renewing their contract. Many will be out of work, but will have better perks and benefits once the unions are gone, since they won't have to pay to appease the unions in the first place. Who knows.
I worked for a union on the Great Lakes for the freighters hauling coal, iron ore (for the auto industry in OH), and rocks for sugar beet processing. The pay would've been about the same if I wasn't in the union, but now many of those companies are either bought out by another company or went out of business because of the unions and the demand for high wages for less work.
Not a good idea in this day and age. Especially in a right to work state!

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Tue, 12/29/2009 - 7:50pm.

Michigan Forces Business Owners Into Public Sector Unions

"After hemorrhaging members for decades, labor unions have hit upon a new way to shore up their annual dues revenue."

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