About the cost of health care

Is their no logic anymore? No common sense?
Have you noticed how the cost of health treatment has increased enormously in recent years? Of course that means that those who have insurance are also paying more for their health insurance also.
Also, most large companies who supply a group plan for their employees are cutting back on the amount they pay for you, or, are cutting back on the coverage, or both.
I suspect most of them will soon drop such a benefit.

It is very obvious that health costs will continue to increase drastically every year, at least. Right now a family coverage even in a group is about $16,000 per year and going up as much as 1500 to 2000 dollars a year.

For a large deductible, no prescription insurance, and limited hospitals, one can get such policies for about 4--5,000 dollars per year, but it will not cover anything previously encountered as an illness. It can be dropped if you use it!

People are pretty much ignoring their teeth and eyes or putting those costs on credit cards.
There are numerous shady insurance companies supposedly paying for teeth cleaning and such at a discount dentist, but some dentists who take those insurances are desperately looking each time you visit for expensive needs you may or may not require! Same with eyes.

Now just how are working people (under 50,000) to afford any of this? This accounts for maybe 75% of the population?

OK, how will we pay for medical treatment with a one payer for everyone plan? In other words any one of us can walk or ride into a doctor or hospital and all they want is you name, address and social security number, along with a national computer chip i.d. No money?

The answer is simple: Do it with what is currently being paid for health insurance, including the free stuff going on that is written off.

A example or two: A heart defibrillator is priced at about $110,000 installed.
The average price paid is less than half that, since some overpay and some underpay.
Another: 25-30% walk into a health treatment place, get treated and leave paying nothing. I come in with my insurance and help pay for theirs.

All of that stupid paperwork (usually 5-6 long forms), will not be necessary, Just name, etc.

Do you know what the 12-1400 employees do at a 125 bed hospital (does not include hundreds of doctors).
50% do paperwork and telephone and computer playing! Some are dramatically overpaid due to the complexity of running a hospital or doctor's office.

Remember when a sore throat used to land you in the hospital for 3-5 days? Now you go home the same day for "anything" nearly, and it still cost thousands! (billed at thousands).

How many pill peddlers do you see when you have to go to a hospital or large doctor's office? One's with natty clothes, shined shoes, pulling a wheeled suitcase! They make 150,000 grand a year with enormous benefits!

Not even started, but getting long.

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S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 12/17/2009 - 10:22am.

on this, but a lot of what you state is correct. BUT WHY? That is really the question.

Why do Doctor's do Multi-testing?

Why do they prescribe various Meds?

Why all the forms?

Why all the hassle?

Answer: Government and LAWYERS

Cost would come down if we were allowed to "SHOP" our HC Coverage.. Why we can't..Don't know ASK THE GOVERNMENT.

Additional cost would go down if we had a "LOSER" pays system with Tort reform. Docs have to CoTOA. All one Shyster needs is to have some "EXPERT" say a certain test was needed and would have "saved" his life.. and boom large settlement. So the results.. Testing and more testing..

CoTOA.. Cover Their Own A$$ syndrome is alive and doing well in the Healthcare industry.

Do you blame them?

Healthcare reform..without this is just so much wind.. Much of it Hot..

"A little matter will move a party

but it must be something great that moves a nation.

~Thomas Paine"

Submitted by alanf33 on Sat, 12/19/2009 - 10:28pm.

If universal, government sponsored healthcare is the answer to cost inflation then please explain why every nation that has government sponsored healthcare is struggling with exactly the same cost issues that plauge us overly independent Americans? I don't want my government to be my mommy and daddy; I had parents and they have passed along to a better place. I am an adult, a father, a provider, and a beleiver.

What I want is choice. What I want is competiton, flexibility. How many times would you put up with an overly beauracratic and incompetent insurance company if you knew that there were five other companies who would gladly take your business? Do you really think that having no choice, even if it is paid for by your neighbors is better? Grow up and stop living in fear...nobody gets out of here alive!

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