To steal a phrase from Telly Savalas.. “Who Loves you BABY”

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Well is sure isn’t the Democrats.

The DC School Voucher program is under attack AGAIN.. BY THE DEMOCRATS.... AGAIN.

The program has assisted many students of every socio economic class in DC.

They get a better education than their public counterparts as well as being able to learn in a safer environment away from the violence of inner-city schools.

But Democratic lawmakers in Congress have continually announced their lack of support for the voucher plan despite the inner city kids that have benefited from it all.

One little line in the latest porkulous bill was inserted by Dick(not a Richard) Durbin.

What did that line say?

Well it said that the funding for the program will be removed effectively killing any hope most of these kids have.

“One group that won’t be bemoaning the voucher programs’ end is the teachers’ unions. This spring National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel bluntly reminded Senators that “opposition to vouchers is a top priority for NEA,” and warned them that the NEA would be paying keen attention to how they vote on vouchers.
“The National Education Association strongly opposes any extension of the District of Columbia private school voucher (’DC Opportunity Scholarship’) program,” Van Roekel wrote in a March 5, 2009 letter. “We expect that Members of Congress who support public education, and whom we have supported, will stand firm against any proposal to extend the pilot program. Actions associated with these issues WILL be included in the NEA Legislative Report Card for the 111th Congress.”

I thought it was about the “Chillren.” I mean didn’t we hear every program was about the “chillren” last year. So what happened?

Chillren? Who cares? It’s all about power. Power for SEIU.. Power for the NEA and Power for the Teachers Unions..
You see, vouchers programs means satellite schools, private schools and charter schools. It means private educators getting that all important federal money and it means that the unions are left with a smaller portion of the TAXPAYER pie.

And unions don’t want to share ANY of those federal dollars even if it does mean a better education for the kids.
So, as we see all across the country, teachers unions are once again saying “screw the stupid kids, just gimmie the cash”!

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Submitted by Joe Kawfi on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 10:11am.

Lindsey - whats wrong with you? Don't you realize that the Unions OWN the Democrat party and that the children do not matter?

Power, and power only matters to the dems - they will sacrifice the well-being and education of children in the name of power.

Now, you won't catch the Obama children in a public school - heck no.

LIBERALISM: The triumph of mindless, wishful thinking over logic, reason, and experience.

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Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 9:32am.

And the more stories like this that are read by the average voter, the closer we get to a November 2010 revolution. I really think the Dems are stupid enough to keep it up to the point that they look like they are totally inept and unworthy of any leadership position.

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Submitted by NUK_1 on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 11:10am.

I doubt they'll adopt that slogan, but that's pretty much what this obstructionist group of clowns is all about. Kids getting a good education that helps them survive and succeed in the world became secondary a long time ago with the NEA. It's all about ME ME ME ME and don't you dare hold any of us accountable. We also are totally against anything that goes against the status quo! Their big problem is that the status quo sucks, has sucked for a long time, and you can only blame society, education funding(that's a total joke...they get too much as it is and dollars don't equal results anyway) and parents for so long.

The US dumps an endless sum of money into public education and it's a sinkhole sometimes. Spineless politicians too afraid to tell the NEA to go pound sand make it worse and continuous.

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