News of the week

More crazy people lost in the ice of a high mountain because it is there--millions spent hunting them.
Italian leader got a statue up-side the head and mouth----bout destroyed him.

About 30-40 killed everyday in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan---mostly cops who have been in training for up to 9 years. They still go home for lunch and supper.

Georgia leading the pack so far in broke banks. More to go. Too little to fool with.
Talked to five developers and builders who have tried to get a loan to start a new business----none succeeded!

Must be a secret as to exactly what is going to happen to all of the over-financed homes now. Banks won't shave them down any longer nor loan them a new loan at lower interest because many owe too much.
Some big banks are paying some of the government loans back so as to remove government control as to how they loan, pay bonuses, and run their credit card scams.

We will have a half-decent health care plan soon in spite of not one Republican wanting to vote aye! 59 democrats will and Joe might come around.
We haven't had a good Senate deadlock in years! That is where they read the phone book after midnight while propped up.

What are the airlines using for money? They are losing money and I guess lightning will strike them as it did the banks soon.

We can't even make a baby bed it seems that doesn't choke lots of babies!
Hasn't this same thing been happening for at least five years? What happened to OSHA? Same thing as EPA?

Time to quit saving jobs with federal grants that are paid by taxes (teachers, cops, firemen, etc. States and localities need to resolve that them self.

This year I didn't get a single good tasting tomato or sweet corn ear. The Orient fish and sea food is getting better though--except for that horror talipia!

Tiger and family, according to Don Trump, aren't the only families which are not what they seem to be. He ought to know.

Where on earth do all of these bimbos and strumpets come from, and why?
As Mr. Trump said it is not any of our business, Tiger needs to play because he helps the economy and he is really good.

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Submitted by Bonkers on Thu, 12/17/2009 - 3:29pm.

On Monks

Poverty, chastity, obedience, stability,
The Brothers, the Friars must stand alone.
They serve in mildness and in tranquility.
It is considered more proper to be unknown.

Now, us Christians, and others--glancing askew
Hope it is not sinful to acknowledge their way.
If on occasion we attend a building to renew,
Where all is serene, the Bible is read, we pay.

Reminded of our repeated worn and tested faith,
We enter into another day on the same old path.
We all are human we say, it is the reason we fade.
I wonder if the end will surely please His wrath.

If we try when we can to do that which is sincere
Will such trying provide the ability to get near?

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