Construction begins on local cancer treatment center

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 4:54pm
By: Ben Nelms

The rain-filled skies over Piedmont Fayette Hospital Nov. 11 could not dampen the spirits of the 60 people in attendance for the groundbreaking of the new cancer center on the west side of the hospital that has been years in the making.

Piedmont Fayette President and CEO Darrell Cutts in the brief ceremony as a light rain began to fall spoke of the desire of so many involved in the project to be able to bring cancer treatment services to residents in and around Fayette County.

“It has been my personal dream to provide cancer care and to be able to have those services here,” Cutts said.

Also providing comments at the groundbreaking were hospital Board of Directors Chairman Dr. James Sams and Piedmont Healthcare board member and past hospital board Chair Dr. Frank Cole. They noted that the long-sought comprehensive center will further simplify cancer patients’ experiences by bringing a host of oncology services together in one place.

The reason for establishing the new cancer center was simple. Communications Director Ryan Duffy in an earlier statement said Piedmont Fayette Hospital is committed to providing the people of Fayette County and surrounding areas with access to the best in cancer services.

“The hospital conducted a Cancer Menu Survey of 150 local cancer patients and through this determined what things were important to patients and is using the information to tailor cancer services. The new Cancer Center will streamline treatment for cancer patients by providing access to diagnosis and treatment options to meet their needs under one roof,” Duffy said.

Oncologist and hospital Cancer Center Committee Chair Dr. Jonathan Bender spoke about the 12-year time span required to bring the center to fruition.

“I’m sick and tired of telling patients they can’t have their treatment here. But that will stop once we get the center going. This (groundbreaking) represents the beginning of what will happen here,” Bender said. “I think we’ll continue to grow and expand services here. And it’s all about comprehensive services, including the wellness center that will address the emotional and spiritual side of care. It will be a collaboration of top-rate quality care here in Fayetteville without having to get on a plane and go somewhere else.”

A feature associated with the new cancer center will be the Cole Family Rainbow Garden to be located on ground level adjacent to the center and above the linear accelerator used for radiation treatment. Dr. Cole said the healing garden was in memory of his mother.

The new cancer center will be located on the west side of the hospital.

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Submitted by RKS on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 1:19pm.

It's safer to go to Mickey D's!

Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 4:51am.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America?

What are they as opposed to all of the other hospitals that treat cancer? Don't we have too many hospitals now?

Will ordinary insurance pay for all that stuff they promise on TV?
(you know, the healing gardens, the sweet talk, the high attention and BS, the stamped on the bottom of people's feet, etc.)

Will the new health plan for the USA pay these people?

Is it for the rich and donations mostly?

Will it keep the rich away from the riff-raff at ordinary hospitals?

Is psychiatry a part of this treatment?

Submitted by smile on Tue, 11/17/2009 - 9:13pm.

There is also supposed to be a Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, and in Henry County there is or will be a new cancer treatment center near Henry Medical Center. Unfortunately, I guess cancer is big business.

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