Don’t vote for people who sell city streets to developers, ruin PTC

Tue, 10/20/2009 - 4:23pm
By: Letters to the ...

My name is James Melvin Ewing, the cowboy engineer. How are you all doing? I have lived in Peachtree City since 1985. I hope that I have made a positive contribution to this great community that I love. After attending the three major political debates/forums for the 12 candidates for Peachtree City Council races, I thought that I would try my hand at this opinion column writing stuff. Disclaimer: The following opinion is solely that of my own, and is not intended to be that of any other individual or group of individuals.

Well, my friends, the choice is quite clear. Ruin Peachtree City, or strive to make it the best place that we know it can be. This is why we have to go back to the basics, and put in elected officials that will actually work to serve the citizens (and not themselves).

Don’t put in people that will vote to place residential developments in industrial high places. Don’t elect people that will vote to hand our public streets to developers and seek more traffic lights for the Westside (The Citizen, Oct. 14, 2009). Don’t vote for big-box developer sell-outs. Vote for advocates that will actually represent the citizens’ wishes.

But you see, this thing is not new. Go back to the purchase of the sewer. I was always against it. We paid a multi-million dollar price tag, something that Pathway (a.k.a., P.C.D.C.) would have eventually given to the city anyway, if we had only held out just a bit longer because that is what developers do: they get in and get out, as quickly as they can. Developers never operate sewer for the long haul, rather governments do that. It was a stupid (and pricey) deal for the taxpayers.

I believe the great state Representative Dan Lakly (my mentor/hero) once said: “Don’t do it.” Back then, he had suggested that we look at putting it under Ga. Public Service Commission control. Yup, that later resulted in a downhill spiraling trend of financial irresponsibility by the then-elected officials (much to the joy of our good ‘ol “developer-friends”). Enter Brown-Rapson-Tennant to break-up that former clique (thank God) and clean up some of the mess.

But now, look what it has come to (with our budget shortfalls and struggles) with the Logsdon regime. Sheer lunacy.

History showed that over the recent past four years, we had these newcomer political candidates who once purported to do what the people wanted, when they got elected, they promptly proceeded to do just what they wanted to do (much to our chagrin). We had a mayor-councilman tandem that proved to be nothing but developer sell-outs. We also had a swing-vote councilwoman who tried to talk a good game, but time and time again, chose to ignore her constituency.

Don’t go for her lame promises this time. The mayor is running for statewide insurance commissioner; I think that candidacy will prove to be a joke. I think I may just have to go place a bet on that one with my bookie (just kidding).

Don Haddix, you are my hero and a man of quick action, and also of your word. The people elected you with a very clear mandate. Please do what you can to save us from the storm.

Pullias, I’m pullin’ for-ya, or if not, Imker: I just love your rebel-like passion.

Learnard, I think you are so learned. Fleisch, I really believe in you.

Now your jobs will all largely be to win the popularity contest in the media-blitz. Please continue as best you can to get your views out to the most people that you possibly can. I know that you all will go very far. All the very best.

It is now time to pay the piper. At last the people have some great choices this time. We can finally put an end to the 3-2 votes on council that is always against the majority.

Send Boone to the house, make Plunkett milk-toast.

Well fun-seekers, after taking a shot at this opinion column writing stuff, I find that it has been tough, but as my ‘ol pal Ludlow Porch used to say: “whatsoever else that you do ... you find somebody to be nice to — ya hear?”

James Melvin Ewing

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Ewing is the former chairman of the Peachtree City Water and Sewer Authority.]

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mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Wed, 10/21/2009 - 6:00am.

$28 million wasted because PCDC got a trained monkey on council.

And I miss Dan Lakly as well. He was one of a kind - and completely honest with everyone about everything. Don't see much of that anymore.

And on the election, no to SPLOST and the incumbents.

I'm pretty sure the end result in Peachtree City will be as you plan to vote - 3 new women and Haddix, but I will vote for Cyndi or Scott instead - just to be sure there is a runoff during which the 2 finalists will have to really work hard to become mayor. I don't think Cyndi has a chance, but I could be happy with either Scott or Don. To me getting 3 women on council is a huge step forward.

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