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What is the difference between dog food and cat food? I ran out of cat food today and I was to lazy to get more. Guess what, the cat was just as happy with the dog food. So, why do I have to buy both?

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Submitted by The Wedge on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 9:00pm.

Matt. I used to work for Hills Pet Nutrition in one of their plants that made the products. I do know about pet nutrition. There is one massive difference between cats and dogs. Meat. Cats are carnivores and dogs are considered omnivores. A cat will die without the amino acids found in meat products. Amino Acids such as carnitine.
Also, pets are like us. If we want something to taste better, we add salt and fat. Same thing for pet food companies. Fat also helps a dog's fur to shine and look fuller. The problem with salt and fat are the effects on the organs like the kidneys.
I am not in the pet food business anymore, but regardless, do not feed the cat that dog food long term.

Also-grain is cheaper than meat meal. Unless a dog food bag is specifically labeled meat, it probably does not have any.

Submitted by Busy Bee on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 7:26pm.

Well, my cat always tries to eat the dog food and the dog always tries to eat the dog food. My husband always tells me that someone should market dog food labeled "cat food" and vise versa, and they will both be happy.

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Submitted by dawn69 on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 10:03pm.

How do you keep a big sister from feeding her little brother dog food?

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Submitted by carbonunit52 on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 7:02pm.

One theory is that the warmer that the earth gets due to global warming, the more that you will see these types of crossover feeding habits.

It's not easy being the carbonunit

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Submitted by mudcat on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 6:59pm.

Cats are of course much smarter than dogs, so they know to eat what you provided since they saw you sitting on your big fat butt instead of going out for their favorite cat food - you lazy ****ard.

Cats also get revenge, so don't let your guard down or else you will be eaten alive.

Submitted by normal on Wed, 10/14/2009 - 8:42am.

Oh wait there isnt anything good about a cat. Drop them off at the pound

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Submitted by matt.barnes on Tue, 10/13/2009 - 7:53pm.


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