PTC fires public works director Corbett

Fri, 09/25/2009 - 2:15pm
By: The Citizen

PTC fires public works director Corbett

Peachtree City Public Works Director Tom Corbett has been fired, city officials have confirmed.

Corbett was dismissed for job performance reasons, according to city spokesperson Betsy Tyler. The city is not divulging any details on why Corbett was let go, but there are no allegations of any criminal activity on Corbett’s part, she said.

The termination is not part of any reduction in force on behalf of the city, Tyler said. The firing was handled by City Manager Bernie McMullen with no associated vote necessary from the City Council.

Corbett has been the city’s public works director since July 2004.

Scott Hicks, who as superintendent of public works has served as the second in command under Corbett, is now serving as acting director of the department.

The public works department includes 33 employees along with another three stormwater employees who are paid by stormwater funds but answer directly to the public works director, Tyler said.

At the time of his termination, Corbett was earning $77,206 a year.

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della's picture
Submitted by della on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 9:02pm.

I've known Tom for years and know he's always done what's right for the city. I'd sure be interested to know more about the reasoning he was let go. There was clearly no love lost bewteen him and McMullen. Did McMullen take this action as some kind of payback while he's still the city manager. Those in the know realize MuMullen's days are numbered. McMullen knows it too. The new council has a huge bulls eye on him and this action appears to be strike FOUR(!) against McMullen.
- Driving drunk on a golf cart at the amphitheater, STRIKE ONE.
- Colluding with the mayor on financial business together, STRIKE TWO.
- Failing to manage the city budget and the panic earlier this year that resulted, STRIKE THREE - and finally,
- Now this firing of Corbett, STRIKE FOUR.
MuMullen is out of there.
Hey McMullen, if I can find the following reference so can the new city council...

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 4:47am.

His real first strike was interviewing with Steve Brown and not running the other way after he found out that Brown had dumped Jim Basinger and was working on Jim Williams. He was also working to get rid of Jim Murray, but Murray was wired in big time, but I digress.

Bernie's second strike was the illegal building moratorium that Brown, Rapson and Weed cooked up as almost their very first act after being sworn in. If we are to have a weak mayor/strong city manager form of government, the city manager should have sided with the city attorney and killed that stupid (and illegal) idea before we wasted a bunch of taxpayer money on legal fees. That was where he went over to the dark side. And yes, it is Bye, Bye, Bernie, a new musical that comes to town in January.

I think it is very important to remember those dark days in 2001 when 3 novices that we knew nothing about came in and created a new majority (actually a super majority because Dan Tennant was drinking their Kool-Aid for a few months) which was much more terrifying and damaging to the city that the current 3-2 votes Haddix keeps whining about. The reason we need to remember that is we are on the verge of getting 4 rookies on council - including the mayor. You would think that nothing could be worse than Brown, Rapson and Weed, but be careful. Pay attention to these people running for office. Be real careful about alliances being formed before the election. Listen to the not so hidden agendas. Vote wisely and above all, be sure you vote in the runoffs - that's where your one vote really does make a difference.

I am certainly inclined to vote all female, but my mind can be changed tonight at the Rotary Forum if one of the ladies starts to sound like Brown, Rapson or Weed.

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