Accepted apologies & Someone else's fault

Why are many trying to say that a 50 year old man who now is known to have been deeply on drugs for many years was that way because of someone else?
He had numerous doctors, nurses, and handlers over those years who were bought off and may even have violated the drug laws, but the man took the drugs willingly--whether he could help it or not.

Covering up, or the attempt to do so, of such behavior is not conducive to teaching others to not start drugs to addiction. There have been many addicts of famous people, they were simply buried and mostly forgotten.

Now, all of the "accepted" apologies floating around now: to the President and to a country singer.
I know someone once who insulted his boss by saying he favored some, and then he apologized, which was accepted verbally, yet he was shortly thereafter fired.

What does "accepted" mean?

Many are now saying in both cases to "forget about it now." They apologized.


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Submitted by tygerlili on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 10:45am.

Maybe we should all remember the part where Beyonce made sure that Taylor got her moment before the show was over. She righted the wrong well, and we can all learn from that. I'm sure she ripped Kanye a new one, so maybe he'll be better for it.

As for Madonna...she gave a speech recognizing Michael Jackson at the VMA's. It was one of the most beautiful speeches I've ever heard, and gave tribute to the "King of Pop" for what he brought to the world's of music and dance. No matter what you believe about him, that is the truth about what he did on this earth that was extraordinary. She was so non-judgemental, and seemed to accept some responsibility in not being there for someone in pain. I dont want to forget it, but will use it as a barometer for my own speech and actions concerning other people.

Look for what should be remembered, not what should be forgotten.

Submitted by Bonkers on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 12:59pm.

What the heck is that?
The interrupter was the star, Taylor got a moment?

Obviously West was either doped, drunk, crazy, or po'd about who the winner was.
There is no excuse for such lack of civil behavior. None.

Same with Jackson. He needed treatment in a Psychotic ward for many years, with his elephant man, bones, little boys, neverlands, and way too much money as to be dangerous and privileged.

Submitted by tygerlili on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 8:13am.

You didnt even watch the show if you think Kanye was the star!
MVA=Music Video Awards. The only person who could be the star of an awards show would be the announcer.

Kanye's actions were wrong. But I am pretty sure that Taylor, who is a new artist, appreciated Beyonce, who is a superstar, taking the time to explain how wrong what Kanye did was, and stepping aside for Taylor to take the stage for her "moment". I would think that if you are a singer, you probably have a great appreciation for Beyonce's voice, and i would think a young girl would be in awe of what an icon had done in these circumstances.

You are really saying you are against rudeness...but you dont have to talk about something you really dont know anything about to find rudeness to gripe about. Just re-read some of the posts here. Like the comment you made about Michael Jackson. There you go, believing what you read. If you werent there you cant know. And you have obviously no idea what his life was like, other than the gossip someone spoon fed you.

Thank you to Davidsmom and Dawn69...your comments were too kind.
May the Lord give hope to the hopeless.

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Submitted by dawn69 on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 11:33am.

"Look for what should be remembered, not what should be forgotten."

Beautiful. Very nice.

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 11:14am.

Continue to see the glass half full!

Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 1:06pm.

There is a plan for Madonna to storm the stage next time, jerk the mic from Kanya's hand and announce that her boyfriend is twice the man that Kanya is!

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 11:09am.

Take your meds. Eye-wink

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