PTC to hike impact fees for new homes

Mon, 08/31/2009 - 12:00am
By: John Munford

Thursday night the Peachtree City Council is set to significantly increase residential impact fees.

The same action would also require impact fees from non-residential development, a first for the city. Impact fees are one-time only and are collected from developers once a parcel is under construction.

Most of the current residential impact fees range from just under $1,100 to just over $1,700 per unit based on which service area in the city the new development occurs. Under the new plan, all residential impact fees would jump to $3,466 per new dwelling unit.

Several local developers have strongly opposed the spike of impact fees in a housing market that is already depressed.

Under the proposal, impact fees for non-residential buildings would be calculated as follows:

• Industrial uses would pay between 7.7 cents and 97.2 cents per square foot;

• Lodging uses would pay as low as $42.13 per room for a “business hotel” up to $299.52 per room for a regular motel;

• Recreational uses would pay between 15.4 cents per square foot for a racquet club up to $3,830 an acre for an amusement park;

• Institutional uses would pay between 21.7 cents per square foot for a church or synagogue up to $3.40 per square foot for a private school and $421.17 for a lodge/fraternal organization.

• Retail uses, charged mostly by the square foot, would range from 17.5 cents per square foot for a furniture store all the way up to $3.14 per square foot for a quality restaurant or a sit-down restaurant and $4.59 per square foot for a fast-food restaurant.

• Office uses would pay between $1.23 and $1.70 per square feet.

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Submitted by Bonkers on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 5:18am.

Sounds like a good new idea!

I suggest you write your congressman or woman and ask that the federal income be increased by a "fee" according to how many new children one has. Older children would be grand-fathered for somewhat less (5% less).

This fee would be annually rather than a one-time fee. There would be a maximum charge per year of 12 children and no more charges after that for each additional.

In order to be fair to everyone, single people would be charged on the "come." It will be assumed that they will clutter up the earth with at least 2 1/2 children and charged thusly.

Couples living together (m+f or f+f or m+m or other) but not married (or married) will also pay a minimum fee.

As children get older they will either pay their own fees or the parent will have to continue to pay for them just as they do currently.

The point of this legislation is not to be against childbirth but just the opposite in order to promote income as "fees" instead of taxes.

In case of a dramatic Depression (20% or more unemployment), "fees" will be doubled until such time as unemployment decreases to 10%.

All of the foreclosures caused by these fees will be burned on the spot in order to promote more building and employment later.
The military will gladly accept all those foreclosed upon and their families. Room (or tent) and board (grub) and found (whatever one can steal) only will be furnished to these volunteers. Children will work day camps.

Not one public employee is to be laid off or part-timed in order to keep up morale, and morals.

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