What is government really any good at?

Tue, 08/25/2009 - 3:58pm
By: Letters to the ...

Although I did not get a chance to read William Murchison’s column about current healthcare debate, I did get a chance to read your response. Yours is so full of inaccurate information and inconsistencies, I find it hard to think even you can believe what you have written.

Your first paragraph states that Mr. Murchison seeks to perpetuate the myth that our government is inept. I am sure the thousands of car dealers will be glad to find out the payments they are waiting for from the government really have already arrived and it is just a myth they don’t show the cash on the books.

Yes, it must also be a a myth that the Postal Service has lost $2 billion this year; they are really more efficient than that.

I personally am glad to find out that it is a myth that Social Security is going broke. I am starting to worry about recouping the thousands I have paid into it when I retire.

Another myth must be Amtrak. I was sure happy to find out they are an efficient money-making machine.

I can wait to find out how efficiently the government runs Chrysler and GM. Dave, would you like to make a bet on how that one ends up? Maybe I can win back the money I will lose in Social Security.

Just where in this resume of success do you find enough competence to turn over one-sixth of the economy to these people?

Dave, you mind if I gave you a short lesson on economics? The private sector exists to make a profit. It makes profits by supplying goods and services that satisfy the public’s needs. The better they are at satisfying needs, the more profit they make.

They don’t exist to make make thoughtful decisions. They don’t exist to cater to the big money special interest groups.

Since an overwhelming majority of Americans have insurance coverage they like, it stands to reason they must be doing something right. Why are we going to change it for the very small number of people who can’t, don’t or won’t buy insurance?

Sure there are some things that could be better, and there are things I would like to see change. I get frustrated trying to understand co-pays, coverage and prescription benefits, etc. But you know what Dave, it is easier than figuring out a tax form.

It is sad to see you no longer trust the private sector. You yourself say Congress is is in the pocket of the lobbyists and isn’t going to be able to help us.

Finally, something we agree on! The current Congress has earned every percentage point of their low approval rating. It seems you want to put all your faith in President Obama.

Is this the President Obama who has lied about not being a supporter of a single payer system? The one who promised not to sign any bill before Americans had a waiting period to read it, the one who claimed to be against earmarks, who claims to be acting fiscally responsibly? Yours, my friend, must be blind faith.

Congress and President Obama are one and the same. The stimulus package was reckless and ineffective. This healthcare bill is more of the same. And guess what? They won’t stop there.

Lee McFarland


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Submitted by PTC Observer on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 8:06pm.

Excellent letter, thank you.

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