Having done considerable thinking about Sarah Palin's new "Death Panels," which she is against, I have figured them out.

Senator Price of Texas thinks they are coming, and so does former Senator Frith. Some republicans do say they think most of their voters "think it is so," so they will hold answering whether it is there or not---votes you know.

Anyway, it will work something like this:

The main federal panel will be centered in Washington, D.C., and will have charter members of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Doctor Phil, George Bush, jr., and old "slam dunk," Don Rumsfeld.

They will have a huge staff to sort through these people's medical expenses and determine their maladies and age.
Each maladie will have points attached to it. 100 and 1/2 points and you are done. Heart attack = 75 points as example.

Similarly qualified death panel members will be selected throughout the USA covering all hospitals and most doctor's offices. They will have an 800 number.

Now the question of disposal of the dead bodies is to be handled by the family per the local law. After all they didn't pay for the treatments needed.

Doctors will have a yellow form of sixteen pages, mostly blank, to fill out to start the trials. Basically it asks if the cost of treatment is ridiculous, and how much in his opinion the old geezer or lady is worth in taxes.

If they are Mexican, South American, or Puerto Rican or Cuban, they get 99 points immediately. Asians will be checked to see how good they are in math.

Blacks of course will have their own appointed panel consisting with the first panel of; President of the KKK, Grand Dragon of the Masons, Five members of the Supreme Court.

In addition to sick old people, useless people, those without a job or insurance, hungry people, homeless people, actually young people with disabling cancer will be included.

Since five members of the SWC sit on a panel, they will review as required a few cases by phone and decide right then for the doctor. 1-800-DETHNOW

There will be no paperwork except the doctor's form of blank pages and the three questions.

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Submitted by Bonkers on Sun, 08/23/2009 - 7:59am.

I'm sorry among the hyperbole I did forget that these panels do not apply to any Washington politician or people in the 40% tax bracket!

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