Rep. Westmoreland are you in favor of Public Option ?

Mon, 08/03/2009 - 7:40pm
By: jackyldo

Are you for the people of your district ?

or for the insurance companies, for profit hospitals and big pharma ???

Are you afraid "" someone will come between us and our Doctor ??

You are in a time of history:
Where all Americans can gain health care not just 5 out of 6 ,,,

Where the US which spends 200% more than the next developed nations ($7500.00 per capita vs. $3250. per capita in UK, Germany, Italy , France and Japan), yet is ranked 26th in the world for services provided.

Don't like government health care Lynn, so you'll give up the plan that covers Congress??

Telling Seniors that Government health care will KILL them ?? You mean Madicare? The government health care plan they are on ?

Tell us you against keeping those insurance companies HONEST = Those that are raising premiums 15-18-20 % per year on businesses and individuals while making $16,000,000.000.00 BILLION in profits ??

How do they do this Lynn ?
They impose enormous administrative costs on doctors, hospitals, employers and patients.
They've introduced complexity into the system at every level.
Your doctor has to fight them to get approval for the treatment he or she thinks is best for you.
Your hospital has to fight them for approval for every day you're laid up. Then they have to fight them to get their bills paid, and you do too.

Tell us how we have the best and public option IS NOT GOOD FOR US !

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Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:06am.


An important part of health care is the cost of the drugs/meds. My plan has an excellent prescribed medication plan. I seldom pay more than $10.00 per prescription.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:55am.

then why has Congress exempted themselves from it...??

Please anyone that is for this.. ANSWER THIS ONE LITTLE QUESTION!!!

"'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'
Barack Hussein Obama

Submitted by boo boo on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 5:23pm.

I know I know, space aliens pay for Congresses Health-care..Gee SL what planet do you live on..Any Health plan Congress has, the Tax payers(the government) pay matter what it is..gee I think we, the Government, even pay their Salaries, that is, unless the space aliens pay that also...

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 9:19pm.

is you..
If you can compare the benefits that congress receives to the benefits that are proposed for the masses and some how think they are equal.. then you need to put the pipe down.. YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH...

Nationalized Health Care as proposed for the masses are not equal to what Congress receives and they have made sure it never will be by exempting themselves from it.. and you guys think that's some how is equality personafied?? Get Real.. Wake up..will ya?

"'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'
Barack Hussein Obama

Submitted by boo boo on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 1:59am.

Fingers have been shut down, no more communication with the fringe. Bless your pea picking heart though..
Time for life is good and getting better everyday mode. Over and Out..

Submitted by AtHomeGym on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:34pm.

C'monfolks--this is not new news! The only major change is that starting in 1984 Members of Congress started to pay Social Security when the entire retirement program changed. Health Insurance through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program is just that--an employee benefit. And anyone who would like a piece of that action is free to run for office---or you can just continue to sit back and piss and moan about benefits some folks who elected to expose themselves to critical complaints by the electorate have as a result of being elected.

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 12:58pm.

Check this out.

Is it a government program?

This growing interest is hardly surprising. The FEHBP and Medicare both are large programs run by the federal government, but the similarity ends there. The FEHBP is not experiencing the severe financial problems faced by Medicare. It is run by a very small bureaucracy that, unlike Medicare's, does not try to set prices for doctors and hospitals. It offers choices of modern benefits and private plans to federal retirees (and active workers) that are unavailable in Medicare. It provides comprehensive information to enrollees.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 6:52am.

and the Government can't even run a "Cash for Clunkers" program.. How then do you think you can run a program (National Healthcare) that is 1/7th of our National Economy"?
Words spoken from a "Well Dressed Mob" at a Town Hall meeting.. Truer words have never been spoken..

DM EVERY Government program (Health) has been a disaster.. JUST ASK A VET..

"'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'
Barack Hussein Obama

Joe Kawfi's picture
Submitted by Joe Kawfi on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:13pm.

They don't care about poor folk. Just today, they voted against a an amendment to the cash for clunkers bill that would limit clunker rebates to individuals with annual incomes of 50 K or less.

Democrats voted against the amendment, proving once and for all that they only care about the rich. The Democrats just spent 200 million of our tax dollars on fancy new Gulfstream jets.

Democrats - they don't care about poor people - they only care about controlling them.

Submitted by AtHomeGym on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:48pm.

Whole program is a crock--jackup for car dealers, and puts some consumers in debt for months down the road. Yeah, I know, personal decison but would not happen without Govt "Sweetning."Oh, won't mention putting our Treasury in the toilet for another possible 3 Billion! Absolutely stupid!

Submitted by Bonkers on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 4:50am.

You must not have a clunker, or don't want a new vehicle! Isn't this better than giving the cash to Toyota? Japan has ben doing sim ilar things forever except they gave the money to the manufacturers.

Submitted by Cobra on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 8:36am.

That's an excellent question that we all deserve an answer to!!

Submitted by localyocal on Tue, 08/04/2009 - 6:12pm.

I agree that the insurance companies are greedy executives and need a reform but do you really want government in charge of it? The Dem's want a single payer system and this is the first step in that direction. Ask your congressman if they are willing to take what ever plan they pass to the people. If so then we will have a system that may work. You mention fighting to get a referral with the insurance company, if your procedure/medication/treatment is not of the government plan there will be no fighting. You also mention 5 other countries with socialized medicine, is the the direction we take America? Socialism?

Submitted by jackyldo on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 4:44pm.

what do you prefer Medicine for Profit ??
You pay your employer pays the INSURANCE COMPANY DECIDES WHAT YOU GET - and makes a profit by squeezing the doctor and the patient...

We have no direct relationship with our Doctor's now and if you think insurance companies are your advocate... oh well.

Would my Congressman accept it ? He's already on a government "tax payer paid" health plan.

Your retirement, your health care over 65 is "socialized" are you planning on refusing that ?

Those 5 "socialized" and the other 20 Nations that have better healthcare than the USA pay their Doctor's well, in traveling to many of those countries I did not see any Doctor's in soup lines.

Joe Kawfi's picture
Submitted by Joe Kawfi on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 9:18pm.

This is beyond the pale and below the dignity of the office of the President of the United States. The link below is actually on the White House website, and instructs citizens to send a copy of an email or link to a website to the white house if it "seems fishy"?
This is straight out of George Orwell's "1984". The office of the President of the United States is actually advising citizens to rat out each other if they say something that opposes the Presidents socialist aspirations.

President Obama can't handle criticism of his policies so he uses his powers to demonize opponents to his plan. This job is way above his pay grade.

Message from the White House

Where is the outrage of Americans for this infringement on our free speech and right to disagree with policies that we feel will damage the freedom and prosperity of this country?

carbonunit52's picture
Submitted by carbonunit52 on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 9:30pm.

This is an up front and transparent effort. I see no infringement here, besides infringing on the ability to broadcast an idea uninhibited by a response. Besides, we all know it is Bush's fault for not getting a health bill passed when he was president.

It's not easy being the carbonunit

Joe Kawfi's picture
Submitted by Joe Kawfi on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:28am.

So Carbonunit52, because it is out in the open makes it o.k.? The office of the President of the United States is asking citizens to forward e-mails that are in opposition or disagreement with the Presidents plans. This is outrageous? Is President Obama so insecure that he has to initiate a plan to intimidate citizens of the United States if they voice their opposition to his plan to socialize healthcare in the U.S?

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:51am.

...that progressives find no issue with "Big Brother" now... When Pres Bush wanted to listen in on Terrorist they squealed like pigs.. but Obama wants to do it to us.. so it's ok now..

I say let them.. Go ahead send in this email
be my guest.. make sure you send my pic and tag line as well..

"'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'
Barack Hussein Obama

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 5:12pm.

I have no problem what-so-ever with my insurance company making money and my healthcare professionals. Take the profit motivation away from them and they won't give a crap whether I get well or not. I have 2 employees that have had major family surgeries in the last month. One for spinal surgery at the brain and another extremely complicated surgery with arteries. Extremely expensive and extremely difficult surgeries and both of these procedures were done without hassles from the so-called wicked insurance agencies. My family goes to the docs regualry and yes it can be costly. I chose a HSA policy and couldn't be any happier.

I just can't figure out why our current system is despised so much. Are improvements needed? Yes. Are people not getting treated in the country? No. And today they want to add abortions onto the socialized program. What next? Sex changes and pecker enlargements?

You made the comment that euthanization wouldn't take place. Bull poopy. Those decisions are already being made for the elderly in other countries or denial of service in implemented. Was reading the other day the suffering in the UK couldn't even get pain killers after being denied service. No thanks... I don't want the same gumament mentality running healthcare that heads up the post office, manages the median mowing in PTC, or even worse.... heads up our school board.

Obama.... The Bernie Madoff Of Washington

NUK_1's picture
Submitted by NUK_1 on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 5:40pm.

And today they want to add abortions onto the socialized program. What next? Sex changes

SEX CHANGE you can believe in! WHOOOOOOO!

and pecker enlargements?

Obamacare will pay for that and then new taxes will be created since those people now have "more" than others and that's just not "fair." I'm sure NY is ready to slap a tax on body parts any day now.

hutch866's picture
Submitted by hutch866 on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 7:01pm.

Are you allowed to slap that part of the body?

I yam what I yam....Popeye

Submitted by jevank on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 7:28pm.

Ironically, under the GA penal code, that would not be a crime.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 7:31pm.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 10:43pm.

Free Viagra for all the men! Yippee!!! And our women folk? Oh they'll all be chilled out and satisfied with their anti-depressants. Great.... Just what we need.... All dressed up with no place to go. See how government intervention into our lifes always winds up screwing us? Or not!!!

Obama.... The Bernie Madoff Of Washington

Submitted by jevank on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 6:51pm.

I get a kick out your point of view, NUK. Penis size becoming political? It had to happen sooner or later.

Submitted by boo boo on Mon, 08/03/2009 - 10:59pm.

He hasn't a clue. His Health-care Plan is the best that we the people can buy for him and the rest of his cohorts. Yep, he has that Government Health-care for the Rich and Powerful paid for by We the People(the Government). We can pay for Wars, with no money in the War Chest, but when it comes time to get A Government Health-care Plan, OH NO, where is that Money going to come from, OH MY NO, we just can't find the Money..."What a bunch of Horses Arse's", as my Mom in-law would say...all the time rolling in health insurance monies thrown at them to help get them that is SICK!!!
A public Option is a must, something has to give the insurance companies competition, that is the name of the Game. If no competition for the insurance companies, no incentive to reduce prices..its a GAME..that is all it is. It is time We the People won a Game for a change and the only way to do that is with a public option.

Submitted by AtHomeGym on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 7:39pm.

career decisions at some point. If you're not happy with the results of your decisions, too bad. I don't remember anyone making any promises of happiness to me when I made whose decisions. If Jackl is happy for his decision, good for him.

Submitted by boo boo on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 12:20am.

Did I say I was unhappy with our Healthcare Plan? Nope we have what is probably the norm these days, at least around here. I'm blogging for those that don't have healthcare, number one. Also health insurance companies have no competition which is a must have if they are going to change their ways.

I think giving a CEO of a Health care insurance Co. $125 million in compensation is OBSCENE. I think a Healthcare Company who has a profit margin of $21 Billion is Obscene, especially when 47 million people in the most progressive Country in the World have none.

Now if you don't feel that way, that is your prerogative. Would you give up your Medicare, Va, medicaid, Government Employee benefits? You know, those are also a Government health Plans too.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 7:16am.

They will not allow you to cross State lines to go with a plan from another state...
Prudential, Independent, Assurant would all love to compete for those from Neighboring States BUT Government Regulations stop them..
The Government puts the roadblocks in our way then get on their soap box to complain about it... The problem is not the Insurance Companys it is the Goverment..

"'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'
Barack Hussein Obama

Submitted by jackyldo on Tue, 08/04/2009 - 9:55am.

One Wendell Potter reminded a Senate committee in June that health insurance executives had assured Congress in 1993 that they would work to secure universal medical coverage and end denials of coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Then they moved heaven and earth to kill reform.

They've made the same promises now, Potter observed. But they're in an even better position to throttle reform. Mergers and acquisitions have turned the industry into a cartel of huge corporations.

Business has turned this country into a government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.

Submitted by boo boo on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 4:57am.

Yep that is the name of the Game, Of the Corporation, By the Corporation, and For the Corporation. What would those Corporations be without the people? Corporations are not warm and fuzzy creatures, they are a cold, and heartless. Money is their Passion no matter the costs.
Since they have all the money they seem to always win the game. Time for these creatures to start sharing in the wealth. Capitalism only works if you share, don't they know that?
We the taxpayer have and do share. Didn't we just bailout with billions of our dollars to these huge Corporations. AIG billions and billions went to that too big to fail Corporation.

Have you noticed all the Health Insurance TV ads. Can't afford Healthcare, call this number, we can fix you right up with the best healthcare pkg going, bla bla bla, or something like that..yea, now they can spend millions on commercials advertising their so called affordable healthcare.

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