Southern PTC re-zoned; Splost passed!

About all that is left that we don't want is Planterra airport!

I don't really expect the thing at the end of 74 in PTC to be built anyways soon though. I figure that one is to improve the capital value of the land for the owner. Why would we need more of that kind of stuff right now? Who are the directors of the builder company?

How much are they raising taxes over the life of the SPLOST---would it be over 100 Million dollars? And these dudes argue about wasting taxpayers money on maybe $20,000 to help citizens!

Maybe we will get our ise rank after all!

Do these people have a clue as to the coming deepening recession and in all liklihood another depression?
What are we going to do with scores of foreclosed upon expensive homes here--pass another SPLOST to retire debt?

There are at least two of us on here who susspect that there may be no local banks in busines here in one year! It is impossible for the feds to bail thousands of them out all over the 50 states. They build a maskillion of them over the last 10-15 years!

I'm not even sure we will have a place here to bitch with our blogs and comments!
How many ads will what is left buy?
Even on the Internet copy?

I suppose though there will stil be people wanting more cops, more firemen, more mowers, more city hall employees, and raises for the top managers!

How about two cars each for the cops---one for the wife?

Do you know how many jobs need to be created immediately to get back to 3% or even 5% unemployment, and at a good wage?
Oh, let's say 10,000,000!
Obama has saved severl hundred thousand cop, teacher, and apra jobs with Bush's TARP in his 150 days, but TEN MILLION!

Those jobs also don'r even pay for themselves, they are tax paid!!

Even if retail stores start opening up again, do you want an $8.00 an hour job?

We have untold homes already built to sell as yet--many not foreclosed on yet (many meaning in the millions) How can construction open up again when we don't need common housing--maybe a few mansions?

Pass another SPLOST for that!

How much longer can we pay the measly $400 weekly unemployment for 10-15 million people? (Is it that much in GA?)
Pass another SPLOST for that, also.

Could cut off paying Social Security and Medicare? But the hospitals would close and the doctors would move to Canada if we did that!

Maybe Saudi Arabia won't cut off our oil and China and them won't mail demand notices for our debt to them.

Yeah, we sure sat still for eight years didn't we? PTC doesn't have a clue!

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mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Fri, 07/17/2009 - 6:50pm.

Nothing you said in there makes any sense whatsoever. Do you have a job or at least a place to go during the day? Seniors Center would be good.

Or are you Horgan? in which case you have a place to go, but no one cares.

Submitted by Bonkers on Sat, 07/18/2009 - 5:22am.

You are pretty thick--we will see in the tank and tights!

I recommend that you make a note of what I said and in 1-2 years check them off! Don't be foggy like the rest about this stuff.

Who is Horgan? The Mary Jane smuggler? The cop buyer? The mini-brain? Bet you elected him!

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