Who’s running for Tyrone Council?

Tyrone voters badly need to elect honest council members this fall. Grace Caldwell and Gloria Furr are up for reelection. Will two people who are real leaders, please announce your candidacy this month to make sure Caldwell & Furr have some opposition. Don’t wait until the August 31 deadline. There are many reasons to elect new blood.

First Caldwell and Furr allowed two former administrative employees to violate the payment plan by taking nearly $55,000 in excess vacation/overtime pay without saying a word about it. Second, they pretended to support changing that awful zoning ordinance that has caused much trouble and lawsuits; then voted against changes. Third, they complain about how the town is run, making voters think they’re going to do something and instead of using their power, try to get citizens to do their job for them. Fourth, Caldwell is a former Fayette County Commissioner who brought County rejects to run Tyrone’s administration and legal departments, paying them huge salaries and fees equivalent to large cities. Fifth, they don’t know Tyrone’s laws and make no effort to learn them, allowing the lawyers to run our business. Sixth, they pretend to represent the people, but are actually pro-government status quo. Seventh, they rode into office by opposing the worst council in Tyrone history; then followed in the old council’s footsteps. Eight, they voted to re-appoint that old council lackey David Nebergall to the Planning Commission and appointed that voter reject Gordon Shenkle also. Caldwell and Furr are not leaders of the people or protectors of public funds. They are in fact hold-overs from a now by-gone political era. We need real, qualified leaders in Tyrone.

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Submitted by BRATT on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 7:03pm.

Who in the world would want to run for Council in this Town.
Give me one example of a person that Loved this town, ran and won a position as Mayor or Council Member and after leaving that position by what ever means, wanted anything to do will this Town. They are constantly ridiculed, them and their family’s attacked unjustly, and never given any slack at making a mistake. Who in their right mind would want that?

Submitted by Dawn Hassel on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 8:41am.

Mary would be a great improvement on council. Although Mary lacks political charisma and can sometimes be offensive, she is a highly qualified straight shooter. She has an accountant’s background and a nose for corruption. As a temporary 2008 financial consultant for Tyrone in its darkest day, Mary uncovered and exposed a decade of improper record keeping and unlawful payouts of thousand of dollars of public funds, that lead to the firing of Valerie Fowler.
Mary testified truthfully to the FBI stating “the council never enforced the employee payment ordinance and that Barry & Valerie ran the town without any oversight from council”. Mary singled out ex-mayor Sheryl Lee as the one who authorized illegal employee payments and was in the process of exposing more secrets until the council and lawyers shut her up.
I hope Mary does run for Council but she needs to start campaigning now to frightened off impostor candidates, who will split the votes. The fact that Mary is not a politician is just what Tyrone needs. She knows the difference between right and wrong, a quality long gone from Tyrone government.

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