Straight Talk?

It is becoming irritating to hear or read about many items of importance anymore that are wrapped in confusing words and phrases, only one side of the issue, best foot forward type of talk, and deliberate misleading statements.

I am constantly saying, " what did they say?"

The current deification of a pop star is one example. Does anyone know why so much weird stuff, and just as one example: the Grandmother calling the maid to know where the house cash was kept so she could come and get it!!!
I hear they may buy Graceland and move Elvis!

FOX olds (not news) is the worst about this sort of thing. They are perpetually boadcasting first with inaccurate information heard from a drunk on the street
it seems. An hour later they will improve the accuracy a little.

And what is with the local TV stations braodcasting the weather? Way too many violent storms and warnings just to present fear when none exists. They predict rain without saying where! Then when it rains in Macon or Albany, they say it varied off a little.
My lord, a million trees must have fallen that they show as a mystery when we have had numerous droughts and all the roots are on the top!!!!

Then we show the lake levels every 45 minutes and end up saying we can't put the flower and bush people and boat people out of business!! Flush less often and help them out. Now we are saying use all of the water. We know it will be at half level or less this fall but Sonny will pray again.

About one ouit of every seven people who want to work are out of a job, yet we raise local taxes to pay for holding onto to all public servants and the whole budget! Some idiots get on TV and say, "I don't want any more taxes, I'm broke---but don't you cut any more firemen off or furlough them! Borrow more I suppose.

And have you heard the hundreds gathered at Bernie Madoff's sentencing wanting a man who may live 5-10 more years to get 150 year sentence?
Such statements as, "I invested every penny I had with him and I lost it all--who is going to help me out?" I even heard some politicians say that we should bailout Bernies cheated people!

It seems to be the norm now to deliberately says something nice about things that are wrong. That can only mean that those people saying that have something themself to hide!

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Submitted by The Truth Will ... on Tue, 06/30/2009 - 10:42am.

5:44 pm Presentments (of fraud and treason) were delivered to Congressmen in DC yesterday. More to come today, 30 Jun 09, article reads

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