Fayetteville bypass vote postponed

Thu, 05/28/2009 - 6:22pm
By: John Munford

Homeowner in path of road disputes chairman's account of postponement


With no advance warning, the Fayette County Commission again postponed a vote on the proposed alignment of the second phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass Thursday night.

Commission Chairman Jack Smith said the county was unable to get some information for a homeowner whose house would be eliminated as part of the alignment. Also, that homeowner, Randy Blount, was unable to provide some information to the county as well, Smith said.

Smith said tabling the matter was necessary because of an agreement the county made with Blount not to vote on the alignment until all information could be shared by both parties, Smith said.

Blount challenged Smith's account Friday morning, saying the county is not waiting on any documents from his family to proceed. Blount said the county sent an appraiser to his home last week and it's the appraisal documents from the county that are outstanding.

"I'm not the one holding everything up," Blount said.

The commission tabled the matter until its June 11 meeting.

Audience members apparently didn't get word of the matter being postponed, as more than 50 wore labels on their shirts with WFBP written in red with a blue slash through the middle.

The commission took comments about the bypass during the public comment portion of the meeting.

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Submitted by Dondol on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 3:35pm.

Behinds and take drive up to Cobb County to take a look at what a Bypass looks like. About 15 years ago Cobb approved the East/West connector to get from west Cobb over to South Cobb Drive. You want to talk about a MESS, go take a look, wall to wall houses where farm land used to be. And yes they went right thru and uprooted families and tore down houses all in the name of progress and to releave traffic. All I can say is they made an Eyesore. But their Commissioners probably had a handshake with the Developers too.

Obama's weapon of Choice!

grassroots's picture
Submitted by grassroots on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 6:25pm.

Thanks for the info...as a concerned late comer to Fayetteville I will take your advise and take a look. There's a difference between progress and progressive. To me Fayette County is one of the most progressive in US. 92 miles of golf cart paths; recreational lakes that aren't crowded, safe and high scoring schools, houses with acreage, old historical to contemporary modern, environmental surroundings,etc. Having watched what happened to LA and OC over the last 60 years, there is no bypass. You're stuck. You could hide Atlanta in all that. Let's expand what we have and maintain our unique quality of life. Not Fayette forward by annexing Atlanta and fade away.

Submitted by pips1414 on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 3:16pm.

Did The Fayette Citizen obtain any details from Commission Chairman Smith regarding the County's agreement with Mr. Blount? Why would the Commissioners not vote on approving the Bypass alignment until he and Mr. Blount shared information? Was it done behind closed doors? That's one that needs to be reviewed. IF there was, in fact, such an agreement, Commissioner Smith should disclose its contents. A public project should not hinge upon agreements that are not a matter of public record. Either there is an agreement (written or oral) or (as Mr. Blount implies) there isn't. The Citizen should verify from Mr. Smith the contents of the agreement he says exists based upon Mr. Blount's denial that he owes the county information. If, in fact, such an agreement exists, don't the other persons whose property is subject to condemnation also have an equal right to similar agreements? This is a principle of fundamental fairness. Has the county contacted these other people and given them the right to share information that might affect the outcome of the alignment hearing? IF not, How can the other folks who stand to lose their homes get fair and impartial treatment?

This is but one in an endless chain of events reflecting poor handling
of the bypass/parkway project by the County Commissioners. It looks like this "agreement" may, in fact, constitute an appeal. How do we know what kind of information is involved?

To clear the record, Chairman Smith should be asked to either confirm or deny that he has personally visited the Blount home, or otherwise had any discussions with the Blount Family members involving any benefits they may receive if the county purchases their home.

Submitted by ginga1414 on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 2:26pm.

Doesn't Jack Smith know that he just needs to tell the truth? Somebody just needs to tell the truth! Who is it going to be? I think somebody has told so many lies and tried to cover up so much STUFF that they don't actually know what the truth is anymore. But, I can tell you right now that it STINKS!

Submitted by ginga1414 on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 9:31am.

Jack Smith and his crew just can't get it right. The folks who run interference for Jack Smith told many of the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition that they absolutely would not approach home/property owners with any proposals "before the final route of the Bypass was approved." They also said that they/the County could be in big trouble if they tried to procure property before the permits were in place.

Now, Jack Smith said at last night's Commission meeting that the decision on the final route of the West Fayetteville bypass/Parkway was being postponed (once again) due to an agreement the County made with Mr. Blount. On this one, chairman Jack Smith doesn't get to cop out. He and the County have been holding the folks along the Bypass/Parkway hostage TOO LONG.

There is something dead up the creek! And, I mean stinking! So, Chairman Jack Smith has an "agreement" with Mr. Blount. When the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition was formed, we all said we were a group that supported each other. It was "all for one and one for all." With Mr. Smith, it is apparently "all for one." What about the Carter family and the Newhart family on Janice Dr., Mr. Chairman Jack Smith? Some of us KNOW what's stinking.

Submitted by tink on Sat, 05/30/2009 - 6:28pm.

There are others losing house and/or property. How dare you call only one name. Since the proposed alignment was tabled then there is no road and no one to talk to---you Mr. Chairman do not know the alignment until the others have a chance to vote--or do you make all the decisions? Do you know how the vote will go? If you do then why do we have a group of commissioners --sounds like we have a dictator--how dare you assume we have an alignment --no vote no road!!! Whatever you do for one,you best better be ready to do for all affected by this road (that has not been approved!).

grassroots's picture
Submitted by grassroots on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 12:38am.

In your last column it was the road that was meandering. Now it's the commissioners. meander:
proceed aimlessly or with little purpose : wander at random
noun (usu. meanders)
a winding curve or bend of a river or road : the river flows in sweeping meanders.
• a circuitous journey,
A river takes the course of least resistance. The commissioners are on this same course.

Submitted by Arf on Thu, 05/28/2009 - 9:35pm.

Maybe the commissioners think that if they delay this thing enough, people will lose interest and they can proceed unhindered. Don't think that's going to happen because the bypass currently makes no sense, and nobody has yet to explain how it does.

Is there anything wrong with saying that it seemed like a good idea in the past when it was initially proposed, but that things have changed and the idea of a Fayetteville bypass is no longer valid in the current circumstances? Granted a lot of greedy developers who scarfed up bypass land to line there pockets might suffer, but that's the risk of their game.

matt.barnes's picture
Submitted by matt.barnes on Thu, 05/28/2009 - 9:38pm.

Just like the airport subdivision. What was that called? The vote has been delayed so many times I forgot. I'll just call it Wynmeade III.

Submitted by Arf on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 6:30am.

I agree with you on the crazy "airport subdivision" Callua Hills (or something like that.) Why would anyone think that's a good thing?

But...why your reference to Wynnmeade III? That's the second time I've seen you make this reference, but I'm not sure what you mean. I have lived in Wynnmeade for almost 2 years and love the subdivision and the area except for some of the traffic atrocities created on Hwy 54. It's very true that Wynnmeade had a terrible reputation several years ago, but when I went to buy a house after years of bad times, that subdivision is where I could afford. When I found a 4 bedroom house with a basement overlooking Wynn's Pond for low money, I was hooked. I did have reservations about moving into "the Meade," and my kids, who all grew up in PTC, but are now grown, weren't for it at all because of how the area was in their teen years. The houses are old but one thing I wanted to do was renovate, so that worked as well. I have not been sorry at all. The area is now peaceful and quiet. The neighborhood is diverse and everyone gets along. Unlike other areas I've lived in in PTC, everybody waves as you drive past. There may be still a couple of problems, but none that I've even noticed. Over 23 years I've lived in Glenloch, Braelinn and Kedron and they all have their problems too. I realize that my comments wont change the longstanding stigma of the area, but if your "Wynnmeade III" reference is intended to be an insult, please reconsider and give Wynnmeade a chance. You're also insulting some of your concerned and involved community members who care about all of PTC and Fayette County and I don't think that was your intention.

All Smiles's picture
Submitted by All Smiles on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 9:59am.

no, no, no Arf. The 15-25 y/o crowd call Wynnmeade "Da Swamp"

Submitted by curmudgeon on Thu, 05/28/2009 - 7:44pm.

The comissioners are incapable of doing the right thing and just simply putting a stop this stupid waste of money. Just like any government waste, once a program is underway, it continues. If the comissioners are afraid to try something new, like being responsible stewards of tax money, why not put it back on the ballot now that we know what's up?

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