Walgreens Pharmacy (Highway 85 and 92 South)

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I don't know if anyone has been to the Walgreens pharmacy lately, but WOW! Things have certainly changed. I used to go there all the time for my prescriptions and it took forever, the customer service was poor at best (except for Karina), no answered the phone if you had a question and the drive thru might as well not have existed. Recently, I needed to drop off a prescription and both of my children were asleep in the car, I figured I would sit in the drive-thru even if it meant waiting for fifteen minutes to be noticed.

I was very surprised when I was helped right away. My prescriptions were filled in a timely manner and the tech was very friendly and helpful. On another visit my insurance (tri-care prime) wouldn't approve one of my prescriptions, when I asked the pharmacist if I could purchase the one Tri-Car would approve and then come back after I called Tri-Care, he said no, he would call Tri-Care himself. He took his own personal time (at this point it was closing time, the night before Easter) to speak with Tri-Care and got them to approve my prescription. The whole time he's on the phone with Tri-Care, Wanda the pharm tech, is talking to me about my husband in Iraq. It was an awesome experience.

The best though was last night, I had just left Urgent Care with my daughter and dropped off yet another prescription for her chronic cough and breathing problems. Fran was working and heard my daughter coughing and crying about her head hurting. She had my daughters prescription filled in less than four minutes. She also made a suggestion on what she thought it sounded like. I consulted my daughters pulmonary doctor and they are evaluating her tomorrow because it seems highly likely that it is what Fran suggested. My daughter has missed over thirty days of school because of her cough, how awesome is it that Fran may have caught what it is that's been causing it, when five different pediatricians, two different pulmonary specialist, a regular adult GP, an allergist, a pediatric allergist haven't figured it out. Kudos to Fran!!

Anyway, long story short. Walgreens has really changed. They are so helpful now and go out of their way to help their customers. They explain the drugs and reactions you may experience. I actually prefer going there over Publix and Target now.

One more thing, I read somewhere on here, that people were saying the PTC post office wasn't very nice. I find it really nice. Heather is awesome. She helped me yesterday and gave me tons of useful information about what can be mailed oversees. Jesse and the other gentleman that works there has always helped me with my boxes, or with making my youngest daughter laugh. I have never once found the PTC postal workers rude in anyway. Smiling

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Submitted by boo boo on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 11:13pm.

I agree. Heather has always been very helpful and Jessie too. Both are extremely knowledgeable of pricing and sending pkgs anywhere in the world. I like them so well I even wait for them. No problems with pkgs arriving at their destination when they take care of what I have to send.

On Walgreen's I have always liked them. They are far superior to the others and was very happy to see them arrive in Georgia. When are they going to put one in PTC, I wonder.

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