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Several weeks ago, the Citizen posted an article titled, "Kenwood Park, it's TOO Popular" which exposed a serious problem that I and many others have been well aware of for quite some time now. The problem, out of county residents (primarily from Clayton and Fulton) are overtaking, and in some cases abusing, Kenwood Park in north Fayetteville (a Fayette County park). Kenwood Park is the newest park and probably considered the "crown jewel" considering it's newness, wide range of recreational facilities, and overall $6.something million dollar cost to county taxpayers. Moreover, these out of county license plates that make up over 75% of the overall cars that are parked in the park, make Fayette Countians that want to use the park along with their families feel uncomfortable by allowing their "family pets" (i.e., pit bulls) to roam free. Even the ones that are chained to a fence as you walk by scare the be-jesus out of kids and adults.

So what's the answer? Well, I posted what other county parks around the country do from the previous 3 states that I've lived in which is to set up a county park pass system where resident and non-resident season passes can be sold. While out of county residents are more than welcome to use our parks, it will cost them a lot more than it does county residents to do so. You can see the details of it in the article itself here:

  • http://www.thecitizen.com/~citizen0/node/36474
  • I not only think Kenwood Park needs a staffed security gate that can check the passes, I also think it's a fantastic location for a remote Sheriff's station in the north end of the county.

    Now here's an example of the wrong answer.

    Just this past week, look what PTC decides to do which will undoubtedly create their own animal. If I was a PTC resident I would be calling Carolyn Stanton right now and asking her what planet she is from! Talk about trying to make her boss happy by making a "money grab"! No question she's basing her opinion on "profit" and not the position of an actual PTC resident who enjoys the use of their parks. Guess what Carolyn, the 5% out of county number you cite now will eventually turn into 65% and then you can tell all PTC residents what a big win this was for everyone, ok?

    **PTC lowers recreation fee for nonresidents**
    By Nicole Hollimon

    The Peachtree City Parks and Recreation Department will lower fees for out of county residents effective May 15.

    The measure was approved at the April 16 council meeting.

    Residents of surrounding counties will now see a 25 percent increase in fees instead of 50 percent. Fees paid prior to May 15 will not be affected.

    Carolyn Stanton, program manager of leisure services, said some residents have taken issue with nonresidents utilizing the city’s programs and facilities.

    “Over the years, I know some people have taken the tack of, ‘Well, they’re our facilities, we pay for it with our tax money and we’re the only ones that should be allowed to use it,’ but more often than not, people understand there’s room for everyone,” said Ms. Stanton.

    She said only a small percentage, probably less than 5 percent, of registrants are from out of the county.

    “The biggest out of county usage we have are adult athletic leagues…we’ll have like whole leagues from Coweta County that come over here to play,” said Ms. Stanton.

    The fees were lower several years ago, but were raised when the city begin to experience rapid growth.

    “It got to be kind of a problem because often the residents wouldn’t get the opportunity to get into the classes because they would fill up faster,” said Ms. Stanton.

    The fee increase deterred some nonresidents, but didn’t spark a huge drop in registrants.

    She said “times are hard for everybody” and lowering fees will help nonresidents and allow them access to classes and programs that may not be available in their county.

    “It will help us also because if we have more people that can actually be exposed to the classes, it helps the instructors, we can make money, we can get the word out to more people and it just looks like a win-win situation,” said Ms. Stanton.

    Residents can register one week before nonresidents who live in Fayette County and nonresidents who reside in other counties. Fayette County residents are not required to pay an additional fee.

    Residents can register for summer classes and camps that don’t have an early registration period on May 15, while others must wait until May 20.

    “We have to give the residents a little perk, their taxes pay for the facilities,” said Ms. Stanton.

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    Submitted by mysteryman on Tue, 05/12/2009 - 8:03pm.

    Were the sound eminating from the B-BALL court Sunday, as we attended or attempted to enjoy a family get together at the park. Or should i say the return of Freaknik... Anyhow my neice and nephew were off on a scavenger hunt, playing with their friends as the rest of us kept a watchful eye on them. Upon their return my neice declared!!! I found a Dagger!!! As I took the used syringe from her hand, her mom scooped her up in terror and placed her in the car. My nephew then declared I found a hockey mask, as he emerged from behind a tree, with a jock strap tied around his face.. One of his friends declared, what kind of balloons are these, as he infated a used condom.... What a wonderful day at the park.. I digress... A true asset to the community.. Seriously folks im with Buckwheat on this one... An auxillary Sheriffs office north needs to be created to better serve and protect this endangered part of the county. Before it goes the way of the rest of Old National Hwy....PEACE..

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    Submitted by Evil Elvis on Tue, 05/12/2009 - 8:12pm.

    Remove the basketball hoops. You're 50% better on that alone.

    Submitted by mysteryman on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 7:19pm.

    What would Curious Geroge and all his dogs swing from.... I digress... And hey man i like your Granada with that landau top.. If it was a Brougham series you be in trouble riding through the park....BLESS

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