Coweta schools get $6.5M in federal stimulus money

Thu, 05/07/2009 - 3:31pm
By: Ben Nelms

Coweta County School System is poised to use its $6.5 million in upcoming stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to preserve 42 teaching positions that might have otherwise been reduced.

The $6.5 million sum will be for Title 1 and IDEA (Special Education) programs, according to school system Public Information Officer Dean Jackson. The federal funds cover a two-year period beginning with the 2009-2010 school year. The funds are expected to be received quickly so that Coweta can make the necessary arrangements to have teachers in place for the new school year in August.

A total of $2,479,632 will be used for Title 1 to fund 23 instructional coach positions, for reading programs and for supplemental services, Jackson said. With that money, the school system will be able to retain 23 first year teachers whose jobs would have been reduced, he said. Like other school systems across Georgia, Coweta faced the elimination of a number of teaching positions due to decrease tax revenues related to the recession.

IDEA funds of $4,081,230 will fund 19 special needs teachers, including 11 existing positions and 8 new positions. The IDEA funds will also be used for professional learning in math and reading, assistive technology and special needs assistance equipment, and professional learning for staff in areas such as autism and positive behavior support, Jackson said.

The federal stimulus money covers only two years. Funding for positions beyond that time frame will have to come from local sources.

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Submitted by jmatute on Thu, 05/07/2009 - 5:18pm.

As you read this article, and as the Coweta County School system retains the 23 teachers for its students, please remember that this action was totally against the desires of your beloved Republicans. Lynn Westmoreland, Saxby Chambliss, and Johnny Isakson voted against the stimulus. So, as the children, parents, and the school system are better off, remember who is working for your future, and who is not. The GOP is a sorry lot when it comes to our real needs, but the first line when it comes to tax breaks for the rich, and big business.

Submitted by AtHomeGym on Thu, 05/07/2009 - 6:57pm.

You make the assumption that if the Stimulus bill had not passed, that there would have not been any other legislation from the Democratically controlled congress to boost education. Basically, you just want to badmouth some of our elected officials.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Thu, 05/07/2009 - 6:07pm.

While I'm not a fan of two of the three that you mentioned it should be observed that after two years, then what?

Now with that said, how many democrats voted in the state legislature to cut education in the state budget?
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