The “End the Fed” Protests are the (Secret) Road to World Government

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Jeffrey Grupp
April 16, 2009

Two recent articles (my article and the JustGetUsThere article) in the past few days have discussed how the mass media is hijacking the patriot and Truth movements by (1) attempting to take over the debates about the issues that the patriot groups have been discussing for decades by suddenly, all-at-once blasting them into the mass media in a twisted, vacuous, and manipulated way, and (2) by taking over the anti-Fed “revolution,” also by spotlighting it vacuously in the corporatist mass media. But we know that if the New World Order wants to hijack the patriot and Truth movements, they won’t just do it from these angles, and instead they (A) will attack it from many angles, and more importantly, they (B) will use their attack to, additionally, set up their Brave New World. This article is about (B), and what I want to suggest is that the New World Order is deliberately false-flag-attacking the Fed in order to ultimately destroy it, leaving the perception of a void in the financial world, wherein they will fill that void with THEIR choice of a new banking and money system: global currency, global bank, global governance/government. More specifically, here’s what I theorize is commencing:

1. The New World Order is using the corporatist mass media to co-opt the real anti-Fed revolt (originally started by WeAreChange), in order to blend it with a fake anti-Fed revolt that they are setting up, in order to incite a broad anti-Fed revolution among the US citizenry, which should hit high gear later this year, if not by summer.

2. The New World Order will use what I just stated in 1, and the pre-planned and staged problems with the increasingly weakening banks and US dollar (which will ultimately collapse fully), in order to modify or abolish the Fed and the current money system.

3. And the New World Order will present a specific solution to this pre-planned scenario I just stated in 2 in order to replace the current banking and money system with, they will tell us, a ‘better’ system: a world banking and money system

The lies and contradiction of Obama are so stark, that even the fluoridated, TV-controlled, nearly illiterate Americans can’t help but see ‘the Obama deception,’ to use Alex Jones’s phrase.

(As a quick aside, let me say that abolishing the money system, as mentioned in 2, through hyperinflation — which is set to start any time – or other means, is critical to the New World Order’s set-up of the Brave New World, since abolishing the money system has the power to shock and clean-the-slate of the average citizen so profoundly that it will petrify the average citizen into doing literally whatever the New World Order slaughter-force wishes, just as we saw happened in Nazi Germany. This is the point of “shock doctrine”, to use Naomi Klein’s phrase from her book.)

Now let’s restate the issue as simply as possible so we understand it very clearly: The New World Order has not only hijacked the revolt against the Federal Reserve that WeAreChangers originally started, but furthermore, the New World Order is going to use it to bring in world government!

They can do this because the average citizen is not well-educated in the real issues going on like the WeAreChangers were when they first started the Fed revolt, and the average citizen is thus easily co-opted regarding this revolt against the Fed. There has never been a greater danger to the patriot and Truth movements than right now: we don’t have a citizenry that is fully awake, and thus we don’t have a citizenry that will see they are being tricked into revolt when they zombically watch Fox News, for example, talk about the anti-Fed protests. Given the present discontentedness of the citizenry over the state of the country, and their being glued to the TV, they will never figure any of this out, and in their frustration they will merely react unthinkingly, thus swarming into a New World Order controlled fake anti-Fed revolution. We are in danger of having them join the fake, vacuous revolt that is brewing with the words of the Beck’s, Coulter’s, and Hannity’s of the world, falling right into the trap like a hungry and desperate fox sticking his paw into the hunter’s trap. The New World Order wants to take over the patriot and Truth movements before the real movements can get to them first.

The mainstream corporatist media is interested in publicizing the Federal Reserve protests, and they are interested in merging and joining with these protests, because if the mass media can easily get an unawakened US citizenry to reactionistically and passionately hate the Federal Reserve, then the New World Order can come in and say, with a big smile: “Oh, you don’t like the Federal Reserve that has failed you, ok, then we will change it or abolish it for you, because we want to help you—after all, we are working for the people in this ‘democracy’.” It is clear that we are heading in this sort of a direction since the corporate press is publicizing this phony revolt as they are. If the mass media can take over the ant-Fed revolt, then they can fabricate an impetus to destroy the Fed? Why on earth would they want to do this when the Fed is the milk-and-honey of the US-arm of the New World Order? Answer: as stated, if you want to set up a world government based on a world banking and money system, you need to destroy or modify the old national system first. And to do that they will use the corporatist mainstream media to all-of-a-sudden tell the people how horrible the banking system and Federal Reserve are (as seems to be starting since last fall), watch the people react, and then the government can tell us they will give us a solution to the Fed system — where the solution is to change or destroy it, replacing it with a ‘more secure’ world government system. And just like in 1913, they will tell us that “it’s what the people want!”, and that setting up such a system is the way to prohibit anything like this from happening again. This is classic problem-reaction-solution, just like Alex Jones has talked about hundreds of times:

Problem: the Fed

Reaction: protest and revolt against the Fed

Solution: modify or destroy the Fed (i.e., replace it with a global reserve bank) — i.e., set up the New World Order.

So, in light of this scenario, it is the blind, unawake citizenry who will help set up the world government, if this scenario and this theory is correct and plays out. Isn’t this the way it always works, though? Luckily, we have a chance to notice this beforehand this time, in order to prevent it.

I theorize that this same sort of a problem-reaction-solution scenario could be implemented in other ways, too, such as with blending or replacing national governments with world government:

Problem: expose national government corruption and failures

Reaction: people protest and revolt against the national governments

Solution: either blend national governments by with world government, or destroy national governments in favor of world governments — i.e., set up the New World Order.

(As a side note, it is speculative to presume so, but it almost appears that the mass media is leading up to this sort of a problem-reaction-solution set-up in order to get the citizenry to finally say “enough is enough” with the government. For why else would ‘anti-war Obama’ bomb Pakistan within days of the Inauguration? The lies and contradiction of Obama are so stark, that even the fluoridated, TV-controlled, nearly illiterate Americans can’t help but see ‘the Obama deception,’ to use Alex Jones’s phrase. Another possibility is, however, that the New World Order could try to keep the current US system in place and put its puppet rebels into offices and make them appear to be part of the burgeoning revolution—this is sort of like what appears to be starting up now. The reader is left to theorize which is most likely the come to be.)

How many times have we seen this sort of pattern emerge? Answer: It is the story of history. For example, through the corporatists’ mass media that the average American keeps their mind glued to, they have been given the ‘problems’ of Hitler, Vietnam, Osama, and Saddam, and the ‘solution’ to these ‘problems’ that the corporatist mass media talked us into was war. Problem-reaction-solution again. Here’s another example: after World War II, Americans were told there was another problem: that sole cause of World War II was our supposed innate human madness and violence that led humanity to collectively lose their minds and create World War II (rather than the correct story: we were tricked into fighting), and the ‘solution’ Americans were presented with and were suckered into was to set up the now ultra-massive mental health industry. Over and over, problem-reaction-solution, and we are tricked into fighting for our own demise. Just like when we pay taxes and pay for the existence of the government all, in the end, in order to finance our FEMA camps. All this comes about through problem-reaction-solution, and we are currently living right in the middle the largest problem-reaction-solution operation ever: the one that is meant to set up the New World Order. And most importantly, as my last article pointed out, it is the rapidly-growing Truth and patriot movements that the New World Order is set to use in order to carry out this greatest-of-all problem-reaction-solution operation!

Does this mean we no longer protest New World Order monstrosities, such as the Fed? Of course not. It just means we have to adjust our minds more to the multi-dimensionality of the attack of the enemy –- know thy enemy — which is something we need to do now, not later, so it’s good we have these forewarnings.

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