Bus drivers raise money to help soldiers

Tue, 03/31/2009 - 3:50pm
By: Carolyn Cary

Susan Voyles has been driving a school bus in Fayette County for over 20 years. That would be a story in itself, but there is one even more interesting.

She has a son, Justin, who was in the military serving in Turkey nearly 10 years ago. It was quite some time after he arrived there before the family heard from him and concern was paramount.

She did not have email at that time and when the first contacts came it was through email to her daughter.

Justin was still overseas when 9/11 happened and he wrote that he was proud to be in the military and ready to serve wherever he could to protect his country.

It was during this period of time that Susan realized the loneliness and stress of those serving in the military and that all those serving their country needed to be reminded that they were thought about.

She held the first luncheon involving bus drivers and others in the board of education seven years ago. Vendors were approached for gifts to be auctioned off and handmade bakery items, as well as homemade items were up for bid.

The proceeds were used to send military “goody bags” to those names given by the families of coworkers.

It has grown in scope each year, and this year over 200 came for lunch. Two dollars purchased a hot dog, a soft drink, and the women baked deserts to go along with the meal. Tickets could be purchased for $1 for a drawing, and hundreds of tickets were sold.

Among the items contributed by over 40 vendors were oil changes, landscaping, the use of a handyman for half a day, horse rides for kids, spray washing for houses, and dozens of other useful gift items.

Many of the ladies made small handmade quilts, and one local author donated two autographed books, all of which were up for auction.

Over $2,500 dollars was raised this year, and Susan, along with co-chair Linda Mosely, and the committee will use it for various gifts to military personnel.

If you are interested in having someone in the military added to their list, call 770-460-3520 and leave the service members’ names and military addresses. They will receive gifts three times a year, with one of those being Christmas.

Members of the county VFW posts were on hand for the luncheon as well as a number of the vendors.

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Submitted by mysteryman on Wed, 04/01/2009 - 6:31pm.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but then again so is spending your entire paycheck on cigs, while your baby is home crying cause its hungry. Thanks O-DOG, good way to stimulate the economy. And what the Heck is the Prime Minister going to do with an I-Phone??? Travel time and bring back Winston Churchill.....Wow you are truly a visionary. Your diplomatic powers are sure to have the world warming up for your reception....BLESS

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