“SuperSpeeder” bill passes House and Senate

Thu, 03/26/2009 - 3:00pm
By: Ben Nelms

The high price of speeding tickets is about to get even more costly. Georgia’s new “SuperSpeeder” legislation passed out of the House and Senate March 25 and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue.

The Georgia legislature has voted overwhelmingly to support Governor Sonny Perdue and his goal to make Georgia a safer state, said Georgia Office of Highway Safety’s (GOHS) Public Affairs Director Jim Shuler. 

“Today the Senate passed the “SuperSpeeder” bill that would save lives by targeting the worst-of-the-worst of speeders on Georgia highways with higher fines and reinstatement fees designed to support the trauma centers that treat Georgia’s crash victims,” Shuler said.  

The new law mandates that motorists who speed at 85-miles-an-hour or more on our multiple lane highways, or at 75-miles-an-hour or more on two-lane roads, would have to pay $200 in fines to the state, above the cost of any local speeding tickets.

 “We know by passing Governor Perdue’s “SuperSpeeder” legislation we will save lives in Georgia,” said GOHS Director Bob Dallas. “Most drivers don’t realize that about a quarter of our crash deaths in Georgia involve excessive speed.”   

Georgia suffered more than a speeding death-a-day during 2007 and most motorists are unaware that 60 percent of Georgia trauma admissions are victims of vehicle crashes, Shuler said. 

 “So this is truly unique legislation,” said Dallas. “Because not only will it help reduce the number of crashes, deaths, and severe injuries, but the fines produced will also provide revenue for trauma care in the event a crash occurs.”

Under “SuperSpeeder” high-risk drivers who have their licenses suspended for excessive points would also face safe driver course requirements and higher reinstatement fees, Shuler said. The fines and points are all designed to change the high-risk behavior of high-risk drivers to be called “SuperSpeeders.”    

“We look forward to Governor Perdue signing this legislation into law,” said Dallas. “And we look forward to working with all our highway safety partners in Georgia to educate the public about this lifesaving “SuperSpeeder” law before it becomes effective.”

 For more information about the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety and other life-saving highway safety programs visit www.gahighwaysafety,org

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Submitted by Okie on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 8:10am.

I watched people on the news complaining that this was wrong. People didn't have the money to pay high fines. Well, then drive the speed limit. It's that simple. I took drivers ed years ago. I learned what Speed Limit means! I believe the speed limit on most or all of HWY 285 is 55 mph. Personally I don't see why anyone would need to go more than 65 mph. If people are in that big a hurry, then they should have left home earlier!

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Thu, 03/26/2009 - 5:43pm.

when you drive. Smiling
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