Thaxton to speak on Darwin’s ‘origin’ theory March 27, 28

Tue, 03/24/2009 - 3:11pm
By: The Citizen

If Charles Darwin were alive today, would he write and publish The Origin of Species?

Although many accept Darwin’s theory as fact, one scientist, Fayette County’s own Charles Thaxton, doesn’t think Darwin’s pivotal book makes sense in light of recent scientific discoveries. He is holding a conference at Covenant Presbyterian Church March 27 and 28 to explain why.

A resident of Peachtree City, Thaxton is a chemist, author, and internationally-known proponent of intelligent design. He received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Iowa State University, and completed two post-doctoral programs, one in history of science at Harvard University and the second in the molecular biology laboratories of Brandeis University.

He has lectured in many universities internationally, and co-authored and edited numerous books on intelligent design.

In 2005, Thaxton organized a conference in Prague, Czech Republic, that reviewed evidence for intelligent design for a scientific audience.

This conference, however, is aimed at those without scientific backgrounds. Thaxton will explain how science’s advances in the past 150 years present significant challenges to evolutionary theory.

For directions and registration info, go to, or call 770-460-9451.

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PaulBurnett's picture
Submitted by PaulBurnett on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 4:20pm.

Charles Thaxton is a Fellow of the Discovery Institute, the right-wing "think-tank" fomenting the false charge that there is a controversy in the world of actual science concerning evolution. (There isn't.)

Thaxton is best known to non-creationists as the editor of the first edition of the bogus creationist "textbook," Of Pandas and People, which figured prominently in the 2005 Dover trial, when it was shown that sequential drafts using the terms "creation" and "creator" were modified, replacing the terms with "design", "designer", and "intelligent design" - without making any other significant changes, proving that there was no difference between creationism and intelligent design. In an amusing typographical error, one example of a mal-adapted term, "cdesign proponentsists," snuck through proof-reading and proved to be the missing link that illustrated the transition. (Readers not familiar with "cdesign proponentsists" should Google the term to get the whole sordid story.)

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