Charges filed in FCHS incident

Thu, 03/12/2009 - 11:21am
By: Ben Nelms

A 17 year-old Fayette County school student was charged Tuesday with simple battery after rendering another student unconscious in the parking lot of Fayette County High School.

Darius Antonia Marcus Lollar, of Fayetteville, was charged with two counts of battery and one count of disrupting a public school, according to Fayetteville Police spokesperson Steve Crawshaw.

Lollar was identified on police reports as a student, though the reports did not list the school he attends, Crawshaw said.

Crawshaw said the incident occurred at 4:07 p.m. when Lollar and an 18 year-old male student at the high school began talking in the parking lot. The conversation escalated into an argument, with Lollar striking the student in the mouth, Crawshaw said. They continued arguing, with Lollar again striking the other man, rendering him unconscious and causing him to fall, according to police reports.

Crawshaw said Lollar left the scene in a white Jeep driven by an unknown person. The vehicle was identified by witnesses and Lollar was located and taken into custody, Crawshaw said, adding that officers noticed blood on his palm and knuckles as handcuffs were being applied. Lollar admitted to his actions at the school, said Crawshaw.

The injured student was treated at the scene by paramedics and, apparently, was not in need of transport, said Crawshaw. He was bleeding from his mouth, his left eye was swollen and he had a large abrasion on the right temple area that witnesses said was sustained as he fell to the ground, Crawshaw said.

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Submitted by hsh87 on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 7:20pm.

So is the 18 year old going to be punished too? Am I crazy you might ask? Well, no. I'm asking because twice my son has been punched in the head, at school - didn't retaliate, and was given same punishment as the one who assaulted him. At Whitewater Middle my son was punched in the head - I was called by clinic to take him to the Dr. and have him seen about because they believed he had a concussion. Well he did - so I had a Dr. bill and lost pay having to take off work. Then the green VP said he was sure my son said something - ok so again on a school bus for Whitewater High - kid punches my son in the head - the bus driver said it was so loud it alarmed her and she escorted my son to clinic to make sure he was ok, she was worried - again the lovely VP(excuse me 1 of the 4 VP's) there gave both boys the same punishment - so in front of the "resource officer" and the VP - I instructed my son the next time, since they do the same time - he is to beat the he-- out of the kid and make it's worth the time he will serve regardless - just wondered if Fayette County High worked the same way!

Submitted by tgm317 on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 11:47am.


Clayton County is getting closer each day.

Those involved probably have already expressed their deep sorrow over the whole incident. Certainly a few hours of "IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION" will adequately rehabilitate those involved.

Are those involved football, baseball or basketball players?

If so, certainly their coach would tell the school officials that they are good students who had unfortunate lapses of judgement.

Wake up Fayetteville ! ! ! This is N-O-T a racial problem ...
It is a behavioral problem.

When the full force of the law is applied to this type of incident, those who practice bad or unacceptable behavior will count the cost before they act out.

Will someone wake up the Fayette County Board of Education?

Submitted by fayette911 on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 3:42pm.

yes, he was a basketball player.
the guy that got the beat down was talking about the pert's 14 year old sister.
you gots to talk to yo kids when they get 17 and 18 and tell them you hit on someone you might jest go to jail son.
seriously, this is just another step in our community in the wrong direction. the slop is slippery my friend and you might fall down the hill if you aren't careful

Submitted by Dondol on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 12:08pm.

Will someone wake up the Fayette County Board of Education?
Me thinks its to late for that, their starting to get stiff and bloated.

Obama's weapon of Choice!

Submitted by concerned1970 on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 8:23pm.

The paper has it incorrect pertaining to incidents of this event. The student was knocked unconscious, eye swollen shut also had a broken sinus, abrasions in the mouth,and was taken to PFH ER, it was very serious. He was attacked it was not a fight if someones comes up to you and just brutally attacks you.The victim was not given a chance to speak. I'm not sure who they are getting their facts from, but they are incorrect. If you do the crime you should be prepared to do the time.

Submitted by America on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:14pm.

Does he have 3 last names due to the fact the mother does not know who the father is or becasue they could not list 10 or more?

Submitted by FCHS1fan on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 2:46pm.

America, the last I heard we could name our children as many names as a mother and/or father wanted to. What does that have to do with the fighting. As many people would love the chance to tell you, Darius was defending his 13 year old sister's honor. The 18 year was saying things about her, that shouldn't have been said. So lets hope families still are loyal and defend each other. I do not agree with fighting on school grounds and Darius should be punished and will be. He wouldn't have punched the other guys lights out, had he shut up. But we all know teenagers do and say things when they shouldn't. Just like some hurtful adults do at times.

wildfire's picture
Submitted by wildfire on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 10:21pm.

MORE excuses rather than accepting responsibility for those actions; PLEASE stop the hate and violence. By the way, if the victim was doing ANYTHING other than actually physically starting this fight/assault then Darius had NO excuse and NO reason to attack this person. Unless you condone this type of action just because someone else made statements he should not have. Do you beat your Wife/Husband if they make any statement you don’t like?

Submitted by TheRealityCheck on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 2:33pm.

The kid does not have three last names. He only has one last name and 2 middle names.

Are you so sure he's not your baby?

Submitted by askari on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:24pm.

I guess he was named after the three most likely Baby Daddies.

Submitted by Spyglass on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:07pm.

I don't ever remember the Cops coming. '81 High School I don't want anyone here acting like it didn't used to happen. It just didn't make the newspaper, or the Police Blotter.

I'm not excusing it, just trying to add a little levity to the situation.

redrooster's picture
Submitted by redrooster on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 4:36pm.

I'm with Spyglass.I sure am glad I was class of 79. When a kid could get into an after school scrap without S.W.A.T. and your dad would ask how you did. a teacher might ask one of the boy's to cut something with their pocket knife. Typically where I went to high school, In DeKalb county, if you screwed up too bad a coach would just kick your ass and it was over.
Of course we didn't shoot each other either...

matt.barnes's picture
Submitted by matt.barnes on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:22pm.

I don't remember every little Highschool Scrap or bout with alchohol ending up in the local paper either.

Kids fight so what. This isn't news. When did we become such pansies? Who didn't get into a fight at one point when they were a teenager? And who didn't steel a bottle of booze out of dad's liquor cabinet? A couple kids got cought drinking in the park. So what? Take'em home given a stern talkin too and forget about.

Evil Elvis's picture
Submitted by Evil Elvis on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:32pm.

Granted, Nelms never misses an opportunity for needless prosodic infloration. However, the point remains that Darius knocked a kid out cold.

You rendered others unconscious and got a stern talkin too then forgot about it?

Knocking another out is probably one toe over the line, wouldn't you say? Short of that bit, I agree: kids will be kids and such.

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 6:59pm.

We did have school fights. They never ended with somone taken to the hospital.

Here is how it went down.

2 knuckleheads would start talking trash to each other

Then one would throw a punch

A teacher in the hall would grab both by the scruff of the neck and knock their heads together

They would be taken to the principals office and paddled

Their parents were called

When their fathers got home from work they got "it" again

For the rest of the school year the teachers didn't even have to scold them for whispering in class.

It was a freakin miracle cure. Also becuase all of the other students saw what the consequences were for bad behavior no one else in our class tried to fight for the rest of the year.

Miracles and behavior changes used to happen with regular frequency "back in the day".

If this happened at Fayette County High then obviously Mr. Sennett has retired or softened up bit with age.

Even though paddleing worked please don't let positive results interfer with the pop psychology "if it feels good do it mentality". Please don't discipline these "angels" you might hurt their feelings.
Gee,.. the "time out" "don't punish them" or dish out any consequences thing seems to really be working for you people.

matt.barnes's picture
Submitted by matt.barnes on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:35pm.

Suspension worthy? Yes. News worhty? Not so much.

Evil Elvis's picture
Submitted by Evil Elvis on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:42pm.

Not much left of Los Citizen, though, if you stripped away the salacious, the stupid and the petty.

matt.barnes's picture
Submitted by matt.barnes on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 12:35pm.

Suspension worthy? Yes. News worhty? Not so much.

Evil Elvis's picture
Submitted by Evil Elvis on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 11:53am.

Poor, misunderstood, unjustly charged and punished Darius might lament:

I tried to ignore him and talk to the Lord
Pray for him, cause some fools just love to perform
You know the type, loud as a motor bike
But wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight
The only thing that's gonna happen is I'ma get to clapping
He and his boys gonna be yapping to the captain
And there I go trapped in the kit kat again
Back through the system with the riff raff again
Fiends on the floor scratching again
Paparazzi's with they cameras snapping them
D.A. tried to give the ***** the shaft again
Half-a-mil for bail because I'm African
All because this fool was harassing them
Trying to play the boy like he's saccharin
But ain't nothing sweet about how I hold my gun
I got 99 problems but being a student in Fayette County ain't one

Submitted by Dondol on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 11:45am.

How in the world did this happen? I thought that bad kids only lived in PTC!

Tell Me why in the Hell I have to dial 1 for ENGLISH!

Submitted by askari on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 11:57am.

Good thing the Citizen did not reveal the race of Darius Antonia Marcus Lollar. They may as well rename the school as South Fulton High School.

Submitted by namealreadytaken on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 3:24pm.

ROFLMAO over the number of names comments.

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