PTC named most affordable suburb in Ga.

Tue, 03/10/2009 - 4:39pm
By: John Munford

When you think of Peachtree City, affordability might not be the first thing that jumps to your mind.

But BusinessWeek magazine has rated Peachtree City the “most affordable suburb” in all of Georgia.

In terms of getting bang for the house-buying dollar, the magazine cited the city’s two lakes, the Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center and of course the golf cart path system.

Although affordability was the most important factor in the magazine’s calculations, it also weighed other considerations such as livability (short commutes, low pollution, green space), education (well-educated residents, high test scores), crime (low personal and property crime), and economy (high job growth, low unemployment rate, high family income).

Also, the methodology penalized places with bad weather, a lack of racial diversity, high divorce rates and few children.

It was noted that 48 percent of the city’s residents are married with children, and the average commute was listed at 29 minutes.

The magazine also reported the city’s median home price at $247,900.

BusinessWeek considered communities within 25 miles of the most populated city in each state with populations ranging from 5,000 to 60,000, median family incomes of $51,000 to $120,000 and lower than average crime rates.

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Submitted by mysteryman on Wed, 03/11/2009 - 6:43pm.

I like that closing statement... As compared to what???? Really, with all the recent home invasions, carjackings, domestic disputes, robberys, larcneys, auto thefts, muggings.... Oh yeah i forgot P.T.C was rated last year by Conde nast magazine as one of the top 10 places to retire in the U.S.... Compared to what...BLESS... P.S. the last time i was at the Aquatic Center, the water had a strange sheen to it, and when the kids got out they look like they had a layer of Turtle wax on em... Then down on the shallow end it appeared that there was a snickers bar a floatin in the pool, next to the lady with the toddler with the pamper disentigrating in the water walking around the shallow end. I handed the attendant a $20 on the way out for the wash and wax....PEACE

Submitted by Spyglass on Wed, 03/11/2009 - 8:55pm.

It's touching.

Submitted by mysteryman on Tue, 03/10/2009 - 9:21pm.

Now that the homes are going to auction, and the foreclosures are rampant....PEACE

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