The Atlanta paper today said that nearly 50,000..

....Americans,known, had secret bank accounts at the UBS bank in Switzerland (Swiss Banks, I assume).

The bank has released a few names that have the accounts, but now they are about to go broke from deposit removal and say that they won't release any more names!

They did admit however that no taxes had been paid on those earnings!
Did the Nazis ever get all of their money that they stole out of those banks?

Don't this bank advertise in our media about being YOU BE US?

This is just one Swiss bank folks. The Caymans is also full of secret banks. I have seen them with my own eyes!
(I have no money there).

Shouldn't we just invade Switzerland, go into the banks, get out the illegal money and bring it home?
Who is going to stop us or do anything about it?

Send our bankers after it, they are just as crooked anyway.
Censor, censor, censor,

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Submitted by Bonkers on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 3:19am.

Most of these people were "Christians" who don't pay taxes. I just got an e-mail from a "Christian" telling me how to avoid paying a speeding ticket! Seems taking advantage is not commandment #11.
Religion is wonderful---organized religion is just thst!

G35 Dude's picture
Submitted by G35 Dude on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 7:00pm.

If we had the Fair Tax there would be no reason to hide money.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 10:16pm.

Unfortunately it will never happen.. It takes too much power away from the Goverment.. Without the threat of the IRS then the Goverment has less control over our wealth.. The Liberals go CRAZY everytime you mention a flat tax or fair tax.. You got to ask yourself why? Do they love the IRS that much or do they just love all those taxpayer paid give away programs..hmmmm?

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil

Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 1:24am.

They love the ability to cheat on their taxes!!.

With the current system, they get away with "accidently" forgetting to report income. With the fair tax they would have to pay up-front everytime they purchased something, and no tax attorney would be able to get them out of it. That is why they hate the fair tax.

Have you seen the latest: Geither-tax-cheat tried to hire 2 more people to work in his dept. and they both had to withdraw their bids....because.....drum roll....THEY ARE TAX CHEATS!!! What a surprise! Gee, shuckey, darn, didn't see that coming from the dems yet again......I'm so surprised....

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Submitted by DarthDubious on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 2:15pm.

Taxes, my dear sky, are for SLAVES. Income is NOT defined in the IRS Tax Code. The Supreme Court ruled in the Eisner v. McCumber case, that income is GAINS, or PROFITS as results from CORPORATE activity, NOT wages exchanged for labor.

The unratified 16th amendment states that the Federal government can exact taxes from ANY source derived. a violation of the Constitution Article I, Section 2: "direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States."

Income taxes are used for NOTHING, but to pay the interest on the money the Federal Government BORROWS form the Federal Reserve Central Bank, which is privately owned and operated for a profit at the expense of our liberty. We are all debt slaves to the FED! Bernanke refusing to open up the Board of Governors books when demanded by Congress, is PROOF that they do not work for us! FOIA does not apply to them, why? It is privately controlled. WAKE UP!!!!

In Liberty,


Submitted by Bonkers on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 7:24am.

With a 25-35% sales tax-or more if needed--one of the largest industries we would then have would be black market goods of all kinds.

Stolen or high-jacked goods (or produced secretly) would be available for as much as 20% less than at a place where the big tax is collected!!!

Even bigger robbery: not turning in those enormous sums to the government (bank) by not allowing the register to function properly!!!

Wonder how many billion Walmart would collect in those huge sales taxes in just one day? I'm not accusing Walmart of rigging the automatic deposit, but many would.

It won't work and besides people won't pay it that way!
A $700.00 lawn mower at $910.00?
A $15 steak at $20?
$100 worth of groceries at $130?
A $25,000 car at over $34,000?
A $500 suit at $625?
$50 tank of gas at $65?
Doctor visit of $175 at $227?
Car brakes 0f $200 at $260?
A $3000 car repair at $4000?

I suspect the 25-35% would be 50-60% within five years, also.
So convenient to collect.

Are all of these LLCs and Corporations going to fire their CPAs?

G35 Dude's picture
Submitted by G35 Dude on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 11:32am.

I see your point that the fair tax could create a black market for certain goods. So maybe a flat tax of 10% or so and then a reduced version of a fair tax would work? There has to be a better way than what we have now.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 10:36pm.

The LIBERALS SCREAM if you mention a flat/fair tax... They don't understand it and they do not want to either.. This nonsense of a black market or the ridiculous notion that items will simply cost more.. clearly shows their lack of understanding of our free market system.. Competition alone will account for the cost dropping per item by the same amount of the cost of the tax.. CORPORATIONS and BUSINESSES that produce goods DO NOT PAY TAXES... It is built into the cost of the item. Remove the hidden taxes and the per item cost of production is reduced.. All it would take for one just one to drop their price and the free market system will automatically create the competition necessary to drive the market... but this goes over their heads everytime.. Cap and Trade which they support shows their lack of understanding in our capitalistic market.. But they hate Capitalism as well.. Hate America first.. It works for them..

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil

Submitted by Bonkers on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 1:26pm.

So you want to tax all these millions of workers and part-time workers who make $20,000 a year ans even less, $2,000 a year taxes?

Have you tried to live on $20,000 without staying with Mom and Dad?

We simply can't all make $75-150,000 per year!

A "postcard" income tax would be best.
Send in a postcard and mark how much you made on it (with the W-2s in an envelope as follows:

Under $20,000 pay $500 or $50 per month by automatic deduction
20K to 50K Pay 1000 to 2500 (less $200 per kid up to $600)
50K to 75K Pay 1000 to 3800 ( ")
75K to 150K Pay 1000 to 7600 ( ")
over 150K Pay through the nose! What a great country!
No deductions additional allowed.
If we need more, Charge a tariff going out on our natural resources.
The states needs the local sales tax to do their thing!

Audit enough each year and hang those who do not comply. Unless their SAT is 600. Then send them to school.

Submitted by askari on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 1:41pm.

That should probably have read "An Atlanta paper". The AJC doesn't come close to the reporting standards of the Citizen INHO, unless you need an update on an R&B or rap artist's escapade.

Submitted by dollaradayandno... on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 11:03am.

Then there must be about a thousand or more in Georgia, which means maybe 4-500 in Peachtree City, all things considered.

I used to think that only African and central American nations hid stolen money (the tax part anyway) but apparently not in today's business world.

Why does the world put up with these Swiss dudes?

Submitted by boo boo on Sun, 03/08/2009 - 2:43am.

An article written by Michaela Crowley for Readers Digest says corporations are allowed to keep Billions offshore by a loophole in our Tax code.
Here is how it works: In theory, the government taxes the worldwide earnings of U.S.-based companies. But under the federal tax code, American companies have to pay taxes only on the earnings of their foreign subsidiaries when they bring that money back to the States. But there's no rule saying those companies ever have to bring that money home. As long as they reinvest their foreign earnings abroad, they pay only the host country's (usually lower) tax rate. That's what you'd call a big, fat loophole, and big business finds a loophole like water finds a leak. This means more economic growth for other countries- and less here at home. According to a 2006 government report, U.S. companies have nearly $500 Billion stashed abroad that could be taxed here at home.
USA Today examination of Securities and Exchange Commission records discovered that GE had $62 Billion stowed overseas: Pfizer, $60 Billion, and ExxonMobil, $56 Billion...these are just a few of the companies with offshore money in other Countries.

The full article is in the October 2008 addition of the Readers Digest. Large Print. Very interesting reading in a Dr. Office waiting room. The girls in the office were kind enough to make copy of the article for me..

Submitted by dollaradayandno... on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 5:44pm.

They caught that many. Wonder how many more there are?

These dopes are either behind in paying their taxes or haven't filed in years.

Does anyone else find this amusing? Some would say it is pitiful but I find it funny.

Now does anyone want to make a bet as to any punishment that will be rendered?
Any impeachment?
Any anything?
This is Georgia----land of government haters!

Submitted by baroombrawl on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 4:10pm.

Maybe Hugo has some money there?
I know several central and south American dictators did have a bunch there.

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