Republican Governors: keep the money!!

However, I will take all of it but 2%.

Four republican governors have said that there is some of the bail-out money that they won't take.
At least in one case it amounts to 2% of the total that they "won't take."
That way, come election time they can say, "I rooted out the waste!"

Want to know what the "waste" was? It was an extension of the unemployment payments to the jobless. Why don't they want it? Well it is socialism! And they have to continue to pay it until unemployment becomes normal again if it extends beyond the bailout amount.

That is worse to me than the democrats just throwing out trillions for absorption. Pure hypocrisy! Don't take any of it if it is tainted!

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Submitted by JeffC on Mon, 02/23/2009 - 1:19pm.

Governors Sanford, Jindal, Barbour, Perry and Palin are political idiots. Their not taking a tiny bit of the stimulus money for their states because they don’t want to abide by the federal rules requiring them to pay unemployment compensation for people who lost part time jobs. It’s socialism!

Bobby Jindal on Meet the Press Sunday: “We need to work with the president every chance we can. But on principle — when we disagree with him — we should be unafraid to stand up on principle and to point out our alternative solutions.”

Their stand will surely rouse the remnants of the southern Republican who will praise such a principled stand.

Hopefully, one of them will be nominated in 2012 as the Republican presidential candidate.

Jindal may turn down $100 million of the $4 billion going to Louisiana. Can you even imagine them defending that in a debate? “Governor, can you explain the rationale behind refusing to accept the stimulus money to provide jobless benefits for those folks when the money was there for the taking?”

“You betcha I can! It would’a been socialism; against my ideological principles.”

“So Governor, you turned down 2 1/2% of the stimulus money which would have gone to the neediest people in your state so that you could maintain your ideological purity. A follow-up question Governor, why didn’t you see accepting the other 97.5% of the money as leading down the road to socialism?”

Politically, how many votes does this ideologically pure stand bring into the Republican Party? About zero (but it rouses the base!). How many voters now in the Party does it alienate? Well, at least as many as lost those part time jobs and their families and some of their friends. Tens or hundreds of thousands.

They’re political idiots for adopting such a losing policy guaranteed to shrink their Party but it’s required that they do so or the hard core base would never nominate them.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

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Submitted by Main Stream on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 2:13pm.

The Repub's seem to be hell-bent on becoming a "regional" party, rallying the right-wing troops by hoisting politician's like southern Gov. Jindal to the national forefront, hence, his "coming out" moment tonight as he delivers the rebuttal to Obama's first address to Congress.

Jindal embodies so much of the right-wing ideology that has caused the Repub party to shrink in numbers, thereby losing the 2008 election. Jindal may be the golden boy in the eyes of the far right-wingnuttery, however, his strict alignment with the cultural conservatives will turn off most mainstream American's and those who do not live in the Bible Belt. But hey, let the Repub's continue down this path of self-destruction by anointing Jindal, the Exorcist/Creationist/Anti-choice demagogue. Those newbies who represent the "new and improved" Repub party are nothing but a flash-in-the-pan who are being used up and spit out...just like Sarah Palin was. But I guess if you throw enough crap at the wall, sooner or later something is bound to stick.

Submitted by Nitpickers on Mon, 02/23/2009 - 3:15pm.

Same kind of blow-hard hypocrisy that doomed them in last election. Many people aren't idiots.

Some states have enormous quantities part-time workers who make pitifully little in a year--especially Louisiana and the Alaskan Eskimos---including Mr. Sarah Palin.

They ain't about to pay them any unemployment although they can not furnish full time jobs--even trimming Whale blubber or fishing.
What was it that Palin's daddy did again?

Talk about classes!

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