Tyrone’s Triangle Park gets new name

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 4:11pm
By: Ben Nelms

Tyrone’s Triangle Park on Senoia Road got a name change Thursday and will soon begin to transform into a memorial to honor veterans.  Council members Feb. 5 also approved the use of drug seizure money secured by the town’s participation in the sheriff’s Tactical Narcotics Team to fund needed repairs and remodeling to the police department basement.

The council voted to change the park’s name to Veteran’s Memorial Park to help cultivate a public understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families, especially those who served on battlefields around the world.

Some of the existing trees will be removed to provide a space for a Red rose garden that will represent the blood shed by all. A White azalea garden will represent the tears shed for the sacrifices by soldiers and especially by POW/MIAs. Upcoming additions include the placement of memorial bricks inscribed with a veteran’s name, branch, dates of service and the War of Service for those that served on foreign soil, and the eventual placement of an eagle sculpture, granite memorial and statues.

Also at the meeting, the council affirmed Police Chief Brandon Perkins request to use drug seizure money to pay for structural repairs to the basement walls and the renovation of the 2,000 square-foot basement that will provide needed space for expansion. Previously used for storage, problems with mold had raised health and safety concerns last year.  

Perkins received approval by U.S. Dept. of Justice to use a portion of the town’s drug seizure assets to fund the cost of repairing and waterproofing the basement and renovating it to provide three more offices and additional storage space. Perkins said the budget cap for the project would be $105,000. Mold remediation at a cost of approximately $7,000 will be paid for by funds budgeted in the current fiscal year.

The council voted to have town attorney Dennis Davenport review the agreements before proceeding with the work.

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Submitted by GentleBen on Fri, 02/13/2009 - 11:36pm.

and I would like to be the first to say thank you, it was about time. Shamrock Park would have been the perfect park to dedicate to the veteran's, but that's all water under the bridge, uhm, I mean taxpayer's money down the drain. But, in order to somehow bring meaning to a meaningless piece of land that was labeled a park this is the best way to salvage it.

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