PTC planners consider big change to industrial park

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 4:41pm
By: John Munford

A proposal to build 80 homes and an event center on a 37-acre tract zoned for industrial use was scrutinized Monday night by the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The Callulah Hill site borders the Planterra Ridge golf course and the future Lake McIntosh reservoir. It’s because of those amenities that the site is best suited for residential use, said landscape architect Bill Lincicome.

But Planning Commissioner Patrick Staples said he didn’t think the development was consistent with the city’s village concept. To address that issue Pathway Communities should look at the way golf cart traffic will circulate in the area, he said.

Staples said he also has concerns about accessing the subdivision through roads in the city’s industrial park. Several parcels adjacent to the proposed subdivision are zoned for industrial use, officials have said.

Planning Commissioner Joe Frasar also said a second access point was needed for the subdivision.

Gene Levine of Pathway Communities said the company is investigating other potential routes into the subdivision including one off a private access road that leads to the Planterra Ridge golf clubhouse.

Levine said another reason the property is not suitable for industrial use is the terrain. The grade changes dramatically from one side of the tract to another and the site would have to be made flat to accommodate an industrial project.

Resident Phyllis Aguayo said she thinks the site might best be suited for a corporate headquarters instead of a residential development.

Aguayo said she was concerned about the proximity of the subdivision to Falcon Field Airport. Levine said formal disclosures of the airport’s location would be required at closing.

The homes would be sold in the “high 300s to 700” range, Levine said. Pathway is limiting the size of the homes to 4,000 square feet in order to take advantage of the lake view, officials have said.

Staples said the company should consider reducing the density and increasing the price point which would allow for more trees to be saved on the property.

Levine noted that a deed restriction on the lots would forbid homeowners from taking down any trees larger than six inches without special permission by an architectural review board.

Resident Beth Pullias said she didn’t have a problem with the rezoning except for the entrance bringing cars through an industrial area.

Levine said the city will be better off financially if the property is zoned residential because it will receive approximately $840,000 a year in taxes. Were the land developed for industrial use, city revenue would be about half that, he added.

“But there would be more pressure on services,” said Planning Commissioner Theo Scott, adding that the homes would not create jobs like an industrial development would.

The subdivision’s plans will be up for a formal vote of the commission Monday, Feb. 23. They will then be voted on by the City Council on Thursday, March 5.

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Submitted by nusport on Wed, 02/11/2009 - 6:39am.

Stop rezoning industrial unless you have somewhere else to add the same amount back in. Fayette County has little or no industrial zoning left besides the PTC areas. We need jobs in the city and county, not more housing. Stop taking the easy route to a little short term money and think long term, what is best for the city.

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