Only 14 days in office...

and already he has let Iran launch a satellite!!
If they can put a satellite into orbit, they can have it come down here soon!!!!!

But more than likely in Israel or Iraq.

I don't see how he could let such a thing happen---them getting that done so quickly! Did our spy apparatus (Bush's) not know this?

What spy apparatus?

Here is the problem: We react to a specific situation, for instance; if a shoe bomber comes along, we make everyone take off their shoes!
If a plane hijacker comes along, we check everyone's name (at the plane)_ not before.

Here is all they have to do next time:

Pull a big vehicle up in front of say the MGM Grand in Vegas, get out walk away and phone the vehicle!!!!!!

At the same time do similar things at filled airport lobbies, football games, dams, (Hoover, maybe), Atomic plants (use a helicopter).

Folks, we better get some intelligence help from Israel and Russia and China, and get busy with humans hunting these dudes, and dudesses.
We lost eight years, reacting instead of acting.

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Submitted by stevie711 on Wed, 02/04/2009 - 4:05pm.

the snow was in 93 it closed down the race that weekend at the race track

Submitted by dollaradayandno... on Wed, 02/04/2009 - 3:36pm.

Mitch McConnell (Republican leader) is ranting and raving about re-modeling the current trillion dollar bill to put in more money for "housing" after removing everything else! It won't fly since the dems intend to submit another loan bill for housing alone.
McConnell knows this, but he can brag at the next election! Hypocrisy.
Here's who is to get the money in housing:
Those well off homeowners who have 5-8% interest rates; or, those new buyers who have 10-15% down, a good permanent job and a good credit rating---didn't need any credit.

There will be none for those low wage earners.

OK, lets talk about Peanut Butter.
Feds hired Georgia department of agriculture to inspect the Georgia Peanut butter plant. They did but saw nothing. No mold, no dirt, no leaks, not even the company's paperwork saying they had found bad stuff several times. Excuse: Not enough inspectors and expertise in all kinds of stuff! (Head High Muckety Muck has been there 75 years).
Now, same company in a Texas plant: Not even a license with Texas to operate a food plant! Home office didn't send it in!

You folks who want locals yokels to inspect our food and keep out the feds can see how that works well.
Same with banks, or any other thing requiring regulation.

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