Now That We Know

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Let's see now, a $3.5 million shortfall in the city budget and no one saw it coming, or did not possess the fortitude to shout a warning. Or maybe it was foreseen and kind of mentioned here and there with an appropriate amount of spin that would allow those we elected to keep kicking it down the road.

Irregardless of how we ended up here, darn it, we're here and all I hear from city hall is "maybe we should do this" or "let's send out a survey" which to me is a portrayal of not really knowing what to do and allowing others to decide something one doesn't want to be responsible for.

We can argue all day as to what or who is to blame for the mess we're in, but it's time for someone with a modicum of leadership to take the reins and do something. City Council seems to think a survey is the answer, and it would be if our economic situation would change based on public opinion. The city manager seems to think cutting 23 jobs is the answer, but I notice that his is not one of them(that leadership thing again).

I offer six suggestions on how we can survive this calamity that we created:

1-Sell, lease, or board up the Aquatic Center, Tennis Center, and Amphitheatre unless individually they show a business type profit(not by government subsidized standards).

2-Each city department eliminate the assistant director positions, including the office of city manager. Yes, this includes the fire and police departments.

3-Elected officials agree to serve the city for $1.00 per year and forego the raise for 2010.

4-Enact a hiring freeze city-wide and stick to it.

5-Raise the milage rate for private property by .5 mils for five years while mandating a five year 1.0 mil reduction for the next five years. Use the increased revenue wisely, because the city will be doing without for the next five.

6-Recruit volunteers for each aspect of city functions that can accommodate them. The resources are here-use them!

Having moved here from Europe in 1987 I have experienced Peachtree City at its best. My children have reached adulthood having grown up in nearly the best environment imagined. I intend to retire right here playing golf and enjoying our lifestyle.

It doesn't have to stop, we may not be able to bring our town back to where we were in 1987, but we can turn this thing around. Our mayor and council can not do this alone, make yourself heard, volunteer, keep trash away from our cart paths, and become involved. After all, this is our town and it ain't Riverdale, damn it!

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