Tyrone making headway on ordinance revisions

Fri, 01/09/2009 - 4:22pm
By: Ben Nelms

It is a work in progress. And the discussion and deliberation by Tyrone Planning Commission at the work session Thursday to continue efforts on the town’s Revised Sign Ordinance and Traditional Residential Zoning District moved closer to completion. They will likely be considered in regular session in coming weeks.

The Traditional Residential Zoning District has been an evolving topic for the past few months. The district is currently proposed to require a 10-acre minimum development area and, in conformity with the town’s other residential zoning districts, individual lots of a minimum of 1-acre.

Town Manager Chris Venice provided a draft proposal that defined the district as one “designed to emulate historic residential areas and to provide for an open, leafy, low-density area with a network of paths/trails and preserved open areas.”   

The minimum lot width tentatively sits at 100 feet, compared to 125 feet for other residential zoning categories. Front yard setbacks are listed at 55 feet, side yard setbacks at 10 feet with back yard setbacks at 20 feet. Those figures represent a moderate decrease over the same requirements in the other residential zoning categories. The minimum house size is tentatively set at 1,200 square feet. Minimum square footage in the other categories ranges from 1,000-1,800 square feet.

Commissioners will continue discussions on the zoning district at the February work session and are expected to see it on the regular session agenda later that month.

The bulk of the work session was taken up by a discussion of the Revised Sign Ordinance. As in several previous meetings where the ordinance was discussed, commissioners reviewed the ordinance line by line and often word by word, commenting on potential revisions noted by town attorney Dennis Davenport.

“You need to be fair to businesses and fair to the town,” Davenport said of the multitude of minute issues that commissioners must consider and resolve and reminding them that any conclusions reached were tentative in nature.

Having worked their way through much of the sign ordinance, commissioners Thursday centered their attention on signs for non-residential districts.

Davenport noted throughout the discussion that the various aspects of the section on non-residential signs, such as requirements for freestanding signs, wall and window signs are hot-button issues that could easily become topics of litigation for attorneys looking for work. Other signage discussed included banners, temporary construction signs, flags, suspended signs and out-of-store marketing devices such as gas pumps of soft drink machines.

 An example of one of the points of discussion was reflected in the section on window signs. As tentatively written, a portion of that section describes, “Any visible sign inside a building within 10 feet of a window is considered a window sign. No more than 50 percent or 35 square feet , whichever is less, of the total available advertising space, or glass area, shall be used to display window signs. Such signs may not be illuminated.” After discussion, commissioners agreed with Davenport’s suggestion that the first sentence should be modified to specify signs on the interior or exterior of the window so that the description would leave no room for doubt in the mind of a business owner as to the town’s requirement.  

During several points of discussion, Davenport recommended that commissioners think about the changes that might be needed and address them at the next meeting. Commissioners will revisit the ordinance at the February work session.

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Submitted by mysteryman on Tue, 01/13/2009 - 8:05pm.

Looks like the council managed to muster up enough funds to paint and stripe the 4-Way stop on Collinsworth, guess they are banking on the P.D. writing up enough Hollywood rolls to bring the budget back into balance..Way to go Tyrone. Hee HAW....

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 6:16am.

So you are working on a residential ordinance - because....? No one will be building anything for a year (probably 2 years in Tyrone) and you are spending time on a residential ordinance?

Oh yea, also the sign thing. It makes perfect sense to penalize local businesses in the middle of a recession. Make it harder on them by reducing the size of their signs and that will do what? Multiple choice question:
a. Help their business
b. Hurt their business
c. Who cares, can we get Barry Amos back in town?

diva's picture
Submitted by diva on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 1:13am.

But I really like it when we agree on stuff. It let's me know that everything is not left right black and white. As for Tyrone and their governmental decisions, I don't know how anyone makes sense of it. All I know is I do the speed limit through there to keep from paying the highway tax Smiling

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 7:22am.

Tyrone's problems are mostly self-created and a result of years of neglect by the elected "leadership".

For some reason they all thought that their city manager was in place because he was qualified and had the town's best interests a his goal. Looks like neither was true and even though they replaced Barry the current group doesn't seem to have much in the way of experience either.

The other factor is the complete lack of interest from 90% of the voters and taxpayers. I went to two of their meetings last year and there were never more than 6 citizens attending. When the citizens don't care the "leaders" get empowered to run free with their crazy ideas that must come to them in some vision in the middle of the night while they are wearing their tinfoil hats.

diva's picture
Submitted by diva on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 8:38am.

"When the citizens don't care the "leaders" get empowered to run free with their crazy ideas that must come to them in some vision in the middle of the night while they are wearing their tinfoil hats."

Citizen apathy is a direct cause to soo many of our problems from the state to federal level. We have to wake up and realize who works for whom. I'm a big believer in the quote from a famous dead guy,

We should not fear our government. Our government should fear us.

Enough of this strange left right agreement. Let's go over to the Limbaugh or Michael Steel blog and fight a little Laughing out loud.

Submitted by TyroneConfidential on Sun, 01/11/2009 - 11:34am.

What is it they think they’re doing? Who knows? I saw where scientists have started to develop a brain MRI process whereby within 3-5 years, it will be possible to read people’s minds. When this mind reading process is complete, I’m sure it will reveal what we already know about Tyrone’s Council & Planning; an incoherent, irrational jumble of convoluted thought patterns more commonly known as “stinking thinking”. And, don’t bother to ask our officials what they’re doing. You will not get an honest answer. All of the Council & Planner Gordon Shenkle said during the election of 2007 that ordinance 454 which took away the land uses of businesses was the main concern. Tracy Young said he would repeal 454. Eric Dial said 454 might be an unconstitutional condemnation with just compensation. Grace Caldwell said, she would do something about 454 if we could elect a new Council. But as Robert Morgan said, they’re now fooling around with a MUCH LESS IMPORTANT Residential Ordinance. Meanwhile, they’re paying high Attorneys fees to defend a lawsuit against 454. And having no success except to drag it out for 18 months until the taxpayers have to pay for their “stinking thinking”. But, I’ve come up with the answer to Robert Morgan’s multiple choice question. The answer is B and the first part of C.

Submitted by mysteryman on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 8:58pm.

This is what i have been saying all along, run off some of the most established longest regular businesses such as Upshaws automotive, all in the name of redevelopement, when there is going to be no redevelopement in light of this GENERATION $5.00 DEPRESSION. For who knows how long. Now tyrone you have 40 Acres and no mule... You have two empty building shells, and a developer who has gone bust.. When you had a, Successful Body shop that had been in place for 20 + years, You also had a sucessful plumbing company in place for over 20+ years, Then you had Upshaws automotive, a pillar of the community since i dont know when, generating revenue and tax dollars for you. But you did not like how the old building looked, on Collinsworth road so you forced them out of the community under the guise of a redevelopement bond. And the promises of an ignorant developer who had your mouth watering under the promise of upscale big money tenants to replace the old brown unattractive cinder block garages that had been the foundation of Tyrones tax base for generations. is now B.R.O.K.E. NYCE Good job Gracie and the rest of the town clowns... YOU reap what you sow... As the donkey Brays.....hee haaw hee haaw....This mule needs to kick each and everyone of you upside the head a couple of times, then you will realize how ignorant you are.....TOWN OF TYRONE FOR SALE CHEAP NO RESERVE...Can you say hello EBAY...... It will be the first town for sale on line...CHEAP.....

Submitted by Margot on Sun, 01/11/2009 - 12:59pm.

Wayne, I just came across a blog you made in 2007, asking for an investigation into Tyrone’s illegal zoning ordinance that took away your right to rent space for auto repair.

Remember when Councilwoman Grace Caldwell told you she was going to help you do something about it. Remember when you let Don Rehwaldt put his signs for Mayor on your property and how you let Don put his “vote for me” propaganda literature on your counter; and how you told all your customers to vote for these people, because you were losing $2000 per month in rentals because of the ordinance. And remember after the new Council was elected, the new Mayor sent a code officer to harass you about how your tires were breeding a deadly mosquito virus?

Well, I see where you have those same rental units still vacant. That’s about a $48,000 loss to you to date. Add that to the $200,000 loan your Daddy gave to Valerie & Bill to start an auto sales business in Tyrone to which they bankrupted on, and that’s about a quarter of a million Town officials have helped your family lose.

Instead of all your efforts to elect these people, I’ll bet you wish you had spent your time suing the town. They’re up there now reviewing the ordinances, but don’t count on them giving you any relief.

P.S. Wayne, if you go to the Federal Courthouse in Newnan next Tuesday, you might get to say hello to your old friends Valerie & Bill. Bill’s trial on Child Porn begins January 13.

diva's picture
Submitted by diva on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 1:06am.

that I've ever seen on this public website. There is a mythical concept known as discretion. Discretion dictates that even though you may think or feel something, you don't air it out before the world out of respect for basic, common human decency. You blew it big time on this post. Whatever personal satisfaction it brought you by saying such personal and mean spirited things certainly wasn't worth selling your proverbial soul for, was it? Next time, count to ten before you type, like a good friend taught me.

Submitted by Margot on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 1:56pm.

Wayne Adams is the owner of Tyrone Tire Co. My blog was in defense of Wayne Adams. It is letting the public know the truth about what Tyrone has done to the man’s business. You think every blog is just what someone may think or feel. Every word said about Tyrone Tire is documented truth. Documented by Tyrone Minutes of Council Meetings, copies of Federal Bankruptcy records and by Wayne’s own words. Not that you care what happens to the man’s business, Wayne would verify every word to you personally. The “Attack” is on Tyrone’s government, about what they’ve done to him. It’s no secret, it’s a fight with all businesses in Tyrone that’s been going on for years, against the governments’ destructive actions and the lies they’ve told, the broken promises they made, the loss of dozens of businesses and untold losses of money, income and employment. If you are so concerned about common human decency, then consider the lack of it by Tyrone’s government. And be thankful that you were not the old lady living in an expensive Alzheimer’s care facility that had her income and property rights taken by this uncaring mob of downtown redevelopment, greedy, free grant money politicians and bureaucrats who are now being investigated by the GBI.

Submitted by Bonkers on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 6:49am.

I already read all this stuff in the paper!
Why the indignity?
Wait until the trial is over.

Mixing up making a living and politics is very dirty business!

Submitted by mysteryman on Fri, 01/09/2009 - 11:02pm.

The only sign the town manager needs to decide on, is the size of the for sale sign, that needs to be erected out front of city hall.. Oh yeah, they might also need to decide to install a small flood light, to keep it illuminated at night for everyone to see. Get real people, you cannot dictate every nut bolt and screw to be used in someones new developement, especially, when city hall cannot even manage itself, can you say B.R.O.K.E.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:07pm.

...needs to decide on, is the size of the for sale sign...

They need to be careful as there are county ordinances that restrict sign sizes. Eye-wink
Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by Missy-Sippy on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:00pm.

Tyrone could aptly be described in the saga, “Of Mice & Men”, and a whole lot of government fools. 20% of the Town is For Sale and 50% is for Rent, another 20% of the businesses are ready to leave when their leases expire - The only fully occupied buildings are, you guessed it, government offices, surviving on taxes, operating on a deficit and hoping for an increase in property taxes. They have some money, but they don’t know where it is, and the GBI is trying to help them find it. There have been some applicants for business permits to rent some of the vacant spaces, but they’re being turned away because of restrictive ordinances.

Submitted by mysteryman on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:19pm.

If this town was a private enterprise it would have long been out of bussiness. The cast from Seasame Street could do better for they would at least be able to count to 10. Are you afraid of the cookie monster Gracie, cause hes coming to get ya at the next election.....PEACE

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