Georgia Politics And Common Sense....

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...perhaps a generation or longer ago went hand in hand, but now we mere citizens have to view the terms as an oxymoron. In today's overregulated and "me first" society those we elect to public office have conveniently ignored the term service and have replaced it with the deadly sin, greed. Some may argue out of that assessment but would be hard pressed to avoid the label of lust as it pertains to power in office.

Take for instance our County Board of Education who for awhile now have gone about the business of creating jobs outside the classroom and building additional schools on "brokered" property while attendance numbers are declining. All this and now the superintendent is asking that the taxpayers be rebilled on property taxes because they are incapable of planning.

Another example is the crusade by the Mayor of Peachtree City to provide for a developer concession after concession to build an ever growing shopping center that further congests traffic, adds little revenue(long term), and not wanted by the town's populace. The only hindrance to this arrogance is the efforts of Councilman Don Haddix and the support of fellow Councilman Doug Sturbaum.

Being elected to public office means that one is entrusted to act in the interests of the population, and should it come to pass that one is incapable of doing so, they should act honorably and resign. Would anyone in private business tolerate such incompetence from an employee or manager? I think not.

The same applies to those who refuse to take the blinders of arrogance and favoritism from their vision and act in the interests of their constituency.

The citizens of Fayette County and those of Peachtree City are simply harvesting the fruits of who they have elected and unless a general complacency about local governance is changed, I see nothing but a continual slide in our future.

Just my two cents worth.

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