I've Had Enough of Government For Awhile, Thank You

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Being a parent to three grown children makes me lucky in that they are beyond their formative years and are not subjected to the daily scandals of our government, the misery of many of our world's inhabitants, or the rewarding of those who chose to exist at the labor of others. My hat is off to those trying to rear children today and teach lessons of civility, generosity, and service. Yours is a daunting task.

Many years back someone (I really would like to remember who) told me that most in government are there because they simply can't do anything else. Today, that certainly seems to be the case. The majority of Americans oppose bailing out the three major car companies but our Congress is hell bent on doing just that. What is worse, is that they do not care an iota about what we(the folks who give them their jobs) think about it!

This arrogance or greed permeates our governments from local all the way to the federal level. Our nation's founders must be turning over in their graves to have left to posterity the finest form of government known to mankind, only to realize that their successors have squandered most, if not all, the trust that went along with elected office.

Whether it is the selling of US Senate seats or openly enabling local developers
toward completion of unwanted projects, it's all the same. Once elected, greed, arrogance or both set in and the promises of service to an electorate are made subordinate to egos or worse.

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