Horses offer therapy in rural setting

Fri, 11/28/2008 - 9:22am
By: Ben Nelms

Horses offer therapy in rural setting

Fruition can sometimes denote more than a cognitive state of attainment. In the case of Fruition Farm, the newly opened equine center sets the stage for mind to meld with matter in a pristine rural environment that inspires tranquil reflection and introspective learning.

Fruition Farm is nature itself, nestled in the rolling hills of south Fulton County on Gullatt Road, positioned just a stone’s throw from Fayette and Coweta counties. Central to the mission at Fruition Farm are the horses that facilitate the formation of a bond with the world and with the possibilities of life.

“We use horses to improve people’s lives,” Fruition Farm Director Lissa Corcoran said at the grand opening event Nov. 23.

Corcoran should know. She is also founder and Executive Director of Atlanta-based Flying Change Equine Therapy, a non-profit utilizing horses, equine specialists and licensed therapists in various areas of mental health and human development.

Partially funded through a portion of the boarding fees at Fruition Farm, the nationally recognized Flying Change therapeutic program utilizes Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to address needs areas such as abuse recovery and a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues.

“Horses help break the cycle of abuse,” Corcoran said of one of the aspects of Flying Change therapeutic offerings and the bond that forms between horse and human. “We have found that many of the best therapists have hooves.”

Corcoran said opening Fruition Farm provided a way to expand the continuum of services established at Flying Change. Fruition’s services, spread across 15 acres, provide the setting for a host of individual, family and corporate activities. Among those are horseback riding lessons, horse boarding, corporate team building sessions and weekend retreats like Mother/Daughter Weekend, The Horse Within Weekend, Strides to Serenity 12 Step Weekend and self-discovery through the Way of the Horse. Special events also dot the landscape with offerings such as Tea on Tuesdays, picnic rides, the Autumn Trail Ride, Moonlight Rides and an annual Beach Ride.

Fruition Farm is even more than its offerings. Like the definition of synergy so aptly explained by mathematician and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller, the final outcome of Fruition Farm will be greater than the sum of its parts. It is a work in progress, a living canvas that springs from a pallet of countryside earth tone hues.

For more information about Fruition Farm call (404) 512-0834 or visit

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Submitted by link7881 on Mon, 04/06/2009 - 4:33am.

I have to be honest here, I have spent quite long time in attending to the massage therapy school, but I have never heard of horses as therapy to help break the cycle of abuse. This is an introductory to me. This is an interesting topic for me. Thanks for bringing this up.

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