Harold, I Guess I'm Irresponsible.....

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....so you and pal Bernie go ahead and make the decision for me and mine regarding trash services. Having gone into business with each other, you surely know better than us mere citizens what it is that is in our best interests.

By the way, the extra twenty bucks per month it's going to cost me is no big deal since, like you, my kids are out of college now. I'm still wondering about that $750,000.00 the city got for those abandoned streets, could it be that you guys have cashed the check and put it towards the city debt? or, was most of it used to get that darn traffic light that seems to be an impediment?

I keep reading the city Newsletter and am amazed at how efficient and well the city is operating, you make it sound as if we surely reside in utopia.

Thanks for all the good work.

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