Campaign of Hope vs. Campaign of Fear

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The Obama and McCain campaigns are an amazing contrast: On one side we have McCain and his ferociuos attack dog Palin calling Obama every possible name (from Socialist to the AntiChrist), trying desperately to find links between Obama and obscure persons, likening him to Paris Hilton, even highlighting that "Obama" sounds much like "Osama". The mud is flying, even though they know it won't affect the election. The robocalls are having the opposite effect. It is clear the intention of McCain's camp, they want to divert attention from the real issues, the economy in shambles that the Republicans (Bush and McCain) have created in the last 8 years. This campaign of fear only creates hatred and brings up the worst in humanity. They have no qualms to instrumentalize poor, unintelligent creatures like Joe the plumber. Shame on the McCain campaign for their lack of ideas and incompetence.
On the other hand, Obama's campaign is one that highlights hope for the future. He has kept focused on solutions for the economy and the woes of average Americans. He talks to the issues, not the personalities. What a contrast! This is maybe the reason why so many Republicans and culturally conservative voters such as Hispanics, to Obama's camp. This is a fact and you do not see the trend going the opposite way, on the contrary, the negative campaign by McCain and the selection of an incompetent as running mate has alienated the intellectuals at the GOP.

As usual, we will see the rantings of the right wing bloggers here at The Citizen attacking this blog. Nothing new with that, but think, for a moment, in the thruth contained here. Do you follow a desperate, grumpy old angry man that is unable to debate the issues and prefers to sling mud at his opponent, or do you follow a smart, focused man that is willing to debate the issues, not the personalities?

General Colin Powell, Scott McClelan, Warren Buffet, Susan Eisenhower, Christopher BuckleyMichael Smerconish and even Sen(R) Chuck Hagel have seen the light and will be voting for Barack Obama next Tuesday.

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