Darn, I'm Tired Of All This Crap!

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Come Wednesday morning hopefully we're all going to awaken pissed off, happy, or still in the fog of blissful ignorance. For me I'm thinking of going fishing and getting away from computers, televisions, radios, or even current print for I've become afflicted with pre-election overload.

Happily, the information age came along well after dueling was in vogue else a large percentage of today's bloggers would be hospitalized (mainly due to the lack of proficiency in their opponents). Would anyone entertain a wager regarding a comparison of the numbers of American Bloggers and the number of total votes cast? Not likely. Too busy at the keyboard.

A friend the other day was lamenting to some of his Obama supporting friends that should their candidate lose, he may well have to defend some property against rioters and looters. His friends, so sure that the election was in the bag, each volunteered to personnally guard this property (armed, no less). My friend was relieved and proud that he had friends that were willing to help, thanked each of them and bought them all airline tickets to Los Angeles, just in case. One of his friends curiosity got the best of him, so he asked where the property was, exactly. Watts, was the answer.

Oh, how the bravado dissipated.

I'm getting the tackle box.

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