Nicole File's "open book"

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I would vote for Nicole File if she:

1. Kept her own promise about "open government." She can't even post information on her own website. The "issues" and "SPLOST" links are under construction. How are we to judge her as a potential board member?

2. Gave SPECIFIC cuts she would make to get the budget inline. Don't say 'oh we'd have to look at this, this and this.' GIVE US DETAILS SO WE KNOW YOU'VE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!!! If the current BOE has been as fiscally irresponsible as you say, this should be easy as pie!!!

Without 1. and 2. above, she is only following the campaign tactics of Steve Brown:

Rule A: attack, attack and attack

Rule B: When someone asks what you'd do if elected, redirect question to the faults of the current administration/elected officials. (also known as pointing the finger)

As an astute political observer I will say if Nicole File manages to win it will be one helluva upset given the write-in odds.

It's a shame she, Brown and Paquin are so wrong about the SPLOST. At least if it's defeated, we know who to blame!

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