Joe plumber stuff : Socialistic?

Just how much socialism or communism is acceptable to you conserves?

Is it Ok that Sarah "the moosekiller" Palin, defender of her sister and hater of Pooohleese, and user of hubby for dirty studff, has arranged for every single Alaskan to be paid by the state, just for existing, out of the oil production fund? Is that socialism and if so, Ok?

How about teacher's pensions and many other local employee's pensions, being run by the State government? Is that socialism and if so, Ok? Why can't each authorized locality have their own pensions? PTC, for instance? But even that would be socialistic, wouldn't it? Do your own pension or you have none!

Of course I understand that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are definitely socialism in the worst way.

All taxes should be eliminated immediately, it is all socialistic!
Of course we would have to build our own roads to the county line and the county to the state line, wouldn't we?
Log roads maybe? How many places? How would we agre on a connection point or points? I don't think Georgia would connect to Alabama at all.

Is the government control of the Agriculture department socialistic?
Couldn't we inspect those Chinese rice warehouses ourselves? E-coli would be tough to catch--of course they don't either!

Couldn't we run our own mines and safety programs? Or better still let the mine-owners decide, or better still let the miners decide?

Would the GBI here be able to replace the FBI there? Or would that still be socialism? Maybe the PTC cops could be the GBI! No, still socialism.

What if Alabama decided not to repair roads and dams and other infrastructure? Might Florida get ticked off? Oh, heck, let the Feds do it! No, that is socialism.

Do we need a federal Army, Navy, Air Force., Coast Guard, Marines, and Seabees and Engineering Corps?
Couldn't we do all that stuiff in our own neighborhoods? Oh, shoot, that is still socialism.

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Submitted by Nitpickers on Fri, 10/24/2008 - 2:55pm.

You left out many socialistic things we already have here in the USA!

The government owns the big rivers, all Interstate highways in case of war, many dams, -- and 12 miles out of the oceans!

They say what medicine we can take and when!
They find the lead and other poisons in our imported food and toys (occasionally).

They support tobacco farmers prices, pay big corporations not to raise goods on their land in order to keep prices high, and control the distribution of alcoholic drinks so as to collect high taxes on it. (No moonshine or home-brew sales allowed). They of course are protecting our health!

Locals sometimes build unneeded Tennis Centers as a means to attract more tennis players and provide certain elites a place to gather.
Corporations sometimes are allowed to pollute buildings, the ground and the water with heavy metals and toxic chemicals in order to get taxes from them and sell a lot of water!

Ice rinks are next!

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