Imagine If This Election Were....

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....taking place in the old west, let's say mid 1870"s in a bustling Wyoming and somehow Peachtree City was plunked down right in the middle of it. Sure,it's election time and old Harold and Boone are at the Y-Knot saloon buying up volunteers to not only vote their way, but enlisting the help of those departed souls who reside in the local cemetery.

Instead of internet "discussions" we now have knock down, drag out, name calling, pistol pulling fights up and down the city streets. That true patriot of truth, justice and the American way, Cal Beverly, has just had his place of business torched because someone wrote something derogatory about Wild Bill Steve Brown in the local paper. Cal was last seen shoveling equestrian excrement onto onto the sheriff's walkway as the building was already infested with mold.

Shots are ringing out again as Big Bad Don Haddix defends Bart Dar's proposal to have the city finance him a new gentlemen's club and saloon. "It's the right thing to do," shouts Don as his trusty sidekick Doug pulls him to cover. All the while Miss Cyndi has her pantaloons in a wad as it's still years before she can vote. So she is confined to listening to the constant complaining of the school marm Beth Pulias about the sad state of affairs of the town.

Meanwhile back at the saloon, Boone ask Harold if it's OK for him to be mayor this time around. Harold's reply is simply,"not this time, we've got to build that 175 acre feed lot out by Line Creek.

Click. Yawn. Is the election over yet?

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