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Mr. Hobbs, I like the commentary that you contribute to this site. Many of you seem to be much more knowledgeable than I. Not that I don't have may own opinions and convictions, but often I feel that I don't always have the stuff of substance to back up my opinions.

This sent me on a fact finding mission to arm myself in these verbal battles. Instead of reading my usual volume of Twain or Archeology Digest, I hit the internet and looked up voting records for both candidates. I wasn't really impressed with either. I still feel a great admiration for McCain - my father was in Vietnam as well and was awarded a bronze star for valor (I know, same old ammo right?)

McCain is still my preferrence for office, but I must say that my heart sank a little when faced with the voting records I found. I was hoping to find some great stuff to come back @ these left wing Democrats but it wasn't there. On the other hand(there's always another hand), Obama's records pretty much sucked too. In summary, I didn't find anything that would change my vote but I didn't find alot of ammo either. I'll keep looking, it's possible that I was not looking in the right places - please advise.

On a side note: As I mentioned above, my father served in Vietnam. For years my parents and I have been in disagreement about politics, sometimes fueling some pretty heated debates. But I will never forget the day I called my dad a puppet of Teamsters and asked how he could in good conscience vote for Kerry(everyone remembers the swiftboat controversy). I will never forget the shame and disappointment in his eyes when he said "I am no puppet, little girl. I fought for the right to vote for whomever I want. I've earned it.". I wanted the earth to swallow me up in that moment and still am ashamed of myself looking back. I realized that my silly little existence was made possible by him and that my life had been sheltered and full of love - he made that possible for me. He made it possible for ME to vote for whomever I wanted. When I think of the atrocities he has seen (and I know he has via newspaper articles on his unit in Vietnam, though he would never tell them to me), the death, inhumanity, and evil in this world...well, I can't help but be filled with pride and gratitude for him and all those before and since that have made our freedom possible. I know that I am not alone in this. I know that what I've said is nothing new - we are all proud of our troops. I was just feeling sentimental and wanted to share that story.

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Submitted by Main Stream on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 10:50am.

I sympathize with you, dawn, I can't find very many reasons to vote for McMean either. One glaring reason that I have found for NOT voting for this man is his dismal record on veterans. Many people are beginning to think that McCain just doesn't like disabled veterans because they are too darned expensive to take care of. Maybe this is why 1 in 4 homeless people are veterans - just too expensive to take care of them so the country relegates them to the streets, and living under highway bridges.

Back in 2006, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) put out their Congressional Ratings. McCain scored a D and Obama scored a B+ (link below). And regarding the most recent legislation to help Vietnam Veterans, McCain voted against them 17 out of 26 times. On these same bills, Obama voted for all of them except one. Disabled Veterans has given McCain a rating of 20% and Obama 80%.

As much as McCain endured in the war, I just don't understand why McCain is so mean to vets? Is it because he is luxuriating in wealth, houses, cars and a botoxed wife, and has forgotten how difficult it can be being a veteran?? Maybe.

There are many issues that we as voters hold dear to our hearts and for me, foreign policy, veterans, women and family issues, and education are key when I go into the voting booth. And McMean's dismal voting record on these key issues makes it extremely easy for me to vote for Obama.



McCain Recent Voting Record on Vets - Link

Obama Recent Voting Record on Vets - Link

Snapshot of McCain voting record on vets - Link

Snapshot of Obama voting record on vets - Link

"You can lead a Republican to the truth, but you can't make him think."

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