Former Booth booster pleads to taking funds

Fri, 09/26/2008 - 3:41pm
By: John Munford

The former president of the Booth Middle School Athletic Booster Club pled guilty in court Tuesday to taking money from the club’s treasury.

Matt Trebuchon, 40, of Belvedere Lane in Peachtree City admitted there was enough evidence to show that he took more than $1,600 from the booster club account. He was sentenced to five years probation, the first of which must be “intensive.” and he also must make full restitution to the club.

The sentence, handed down by Chief Superior Court Judge Paschal A. English Jr., did not include a fine. Trebuchon entered an Alford “guilty” plea under which he technically does not admit guilt but admits the prosecutors could have proven their case had it gone to trial.

Alford pleas can be used in future trials as evidence, unlike first offender pleas, which can be wiped from a defendant’s criminal record upon successful completion of the sentence.

One condition of the probation was that Trebuchon can no longer participate in any youth organization in Fayette County, court officials said.

Trebuchon was arrested in August 2007 after police first learned of the alleged thefts. Though the booster club is a separate entity from the school system, concerns were raised that discrepancies in the account were not reported to either the school superintendent’s office or the school system’s finance department when Booth officials first learned of the problems.

According to a police report Trebuchon initially admitted to taking almost $10,000 from the club and told Booth Assistant Principal Ron Plauche that he was having tax problems at the time.

The school later received a check “for the remainder of the stolen money,” according to a police report.

The case led to school officials working with booster club representatives for all county schools, taking steps to prevent such problems in the future.

The checks that Trebuchon used only required one person’s signature to be valid, which is unusual for such an organization, police said.

The incident came to light after Booth officials noticed the school was receiving bills from several vendors for unpaid purchases which were supposed to be paid for by the school’s athletic booster account, Plauche told the school’s resource police officer. A further investigation into the matter was conducted by Plauche and the school accountant, who reviewed checks and other documents at BB&T bank.

Plauche initially reported the irregularities to the school resource police officer on August 14, but three days later a BB&T official informed the school accountant that Trebuchon deposited $8,400 “but had taken several certified checks and cashier checks.”

A stop check action was taken on each of the checks, the police report stated, and the very next day was when Plauche came to Trebuchon’s home to confront him about the account’s problems.

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Submitted by theoneandonly on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 1:59pm.

Let me first say Thank you for proving my point people being ignorant. Next thing, I am not Mrs. Trebuchon. I reside in Tyrone. As stated in the article Matt resides within Peachtree City.

Submitted by TheTruthHurts on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 4:05pm.

Well, based upon your response, I can only assume that you are perhaps one of Mr. Trebuchon's parents. I'm not sure who else (other than his wife) would be inclined to make the statement, "I am blessed to have him in my life". If you are in fact his father or mother, I certainly mean you no disrespect. In fact, WHOEVER you might be, I mean you no disrespect.

But as for your comment about "people being ignorant", I would wholeheartedly disagree. Nothing stated earlier is unprovable, regardless of your unwillingness to accept it. The Fayette County District Attorney's office was fully prepared to prove these things in a court of law. Mr. Trebuchon knew this; thus, the plea of "guilty". Can you provide any other reason for his "guilty" plea? Would love to hear it.

If I am correct in my guess that you are perhaps either Mr. Trebuchon's father or mother, I can certainly understand your wanting to believe the best of Mr. Trebuchon. That is perfectly natural. I can also somewhat understand your desire to protect your son from his mistakes, but he is now a grown man and must face the consequences of his actions.

It has been said that ignorance is bliss. If you insist on continuing to live in the blissful state of your own ignorance of the facts in this case, that is your decision. But please don't go calling others "ignorant" and to characterize them as "idiots" when they are merely pointing out facts that can be fully proven and documented.

Submitted by theoneandonly on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 8:48pm.

Nope, your wrong once again. Besides that, it is real funny how you state and I quote "Nothing stated earlier is unprovable, regardless of your unwillingness to accept it." because you must know this everything about this case inside and out, but wait you forgot one HUGE detail, there wasn't a trial. So please do explain your reasoning behind your "know it all attitude." Oh wait, that is right, you read the paper. Wow, want a cookie? Too bad there were many things left out of that article but like I stated, you already know everything. Can we say ignorant? Matts actions do not need to be explained to someone who is so narrow minded and couldn't stand the fact that someone got on here with a positive thing to say about Matt. Maybe it is your sense of insecurity with yourself and that is why when you read my original comment, you just had to open your mouth. I am sorry if you do not have people within your life that can think as highly of you as I do Matt, but that is not a reason to ruin my parade. I am glad to see that my honest feelings about someone else touched you so deeply that you need to express your inner most feelings. Well you can take your inner most feelings and go cry to someone else that no one speaks of you in high re-guard. Well I am done with and the rest of your ignorant clan. May you all sleep better being newspaper junkies who believe just about anything. Night!

"P.S.- The sky is going to fall and it will be night forever! Oh No!" There you go, something posted on the citizen. Bet you'd believe that one to if they posted it.

Submitted by juno988 on Fri, 10/03/2008 - 10:16am.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense! Your one HUGE detail is correct, there was no trial because Matt knew there was enough evidence to convict him. He plead GUILTY! GUILTY!. Yeah, I'm going to plead GUILTY, and let them sentence me to 5 YEARS, when I'm completely innocent!!! Keep drinking that Kool-aid!!The proven facts are down at the courthouse and backed up by the restitution check Matt will be writing back to the Booster Club treasury...

Submitted by theoneandonly on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 9:48pm.

First things first, to everyone who decided to just read the paper and assume it was true, your idiots! Next thing and many of you should know this, the paper IS NOT 100% factual. Lets face it, if it was no one would read it because it would be boring. Besides that, let me just say this, Matt is not a thief. But like I just stated, you were dumb enough to believe the paper and you know what, that is just great! You have lost the opportunity to meet an amazing person. Now yes we all have our flaws and none of you can say you don't. Before you beside to open you mouth about hearsay, STOP and look in your own backyard. Maybe if you guys were not go ignorant, you could have the opportunity to be blessed by having someone like Matt in your life.

Submitted by TheTruthHurts on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 10:22am.

Dear theoneandonly (Mrs. Trebuchon, I presume):

I hate to have to break this to you, but you really need to know the truth about your husband.

It is sad - though not surprising - to find that your husband has deceived you along with others as to his being such a wonderful person. I will admit, he is quite smooth, as most talented deceivers tend to be. However, the facts of the case cannot be denied. The article in The Citizen is true to the facts in the case and as reported by the records of the court.

After your husband had entered a plea of "guilty", he was asked by Judge English if he had entered his "guilty" plea because the State had evidence which could convict him of the crimes of which he had been accused. The court asks this question so that a defendant cannot later say that he was convinced of his own innocence but was somehow coerced by his attorney to make such a plea. His answer to the question was, "YES". What more do we all need to know?

The fact is that, at a minimum, your husband was playing fast and loose with the Athletic Booster Club's money. He had written a number of checks on the Athletic Booster Club account to First Class Events (his baseball tournament business), to a local individual who did baseball field dressing for his tournaments, and to a t-shirt manufacturer who made baseball tournament t-shirts for his tournaments. He also admitted to the school's assistant principal that he had taken funds for personal use from this account because he personally "had run into some tax problems". Whether he truly intended to "put it back" prior to his being caught, we'll never know for sure.

Oh, and by the way - over a two-year period as President of the Athletic Booster Club, he had NEVER made a cash deposit from concessions stands receipts. We'll never know just how much money that may have been that went missing.

Had your husband come clean on his offenses we he was first confronted with them - and not tried to play the role of victim in all of this - some of us might find ourselves in a more merciful mood towards him. But for him to post a "statement from the director" on his USSSA website in which he refers to his "truthfulness" on a polygraph test is a slap in the face of justice. I'd love to know what questions were included on that polygraph test! Your husband knew the truth and went on deceiving by trying his best to cover it up in order to slip out of the noose he himself had tied. He thought he could outsmart the system, and he overplayed his hand. The only really smart thing he did in all of this was to finally enter a plea of "guilty" because, had he not done so, he would likely have been convicted and would be sitting behind bars for a few years. I'm sure if thought he could have figured a way to wiggle his way around the evidence, he would have tried to do so. But the evidence was apparently too clear and too strong for even HIM overcome.

Sorry, Dearie, but in my view, your husband got off EXTREMELY light in all of this, and he is fully deserving of whatever punishment and public castigation his actions have brought upon him. As his devoted spouse, you are welcome to think of him what you will. But don't expect the rest of us to buy it !!!

Submitted by juno988 on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 9:08am.

Let me get this right, Matt admitted there was enough evidence to prosecute him for taking more than $1,600.00 from the Booster Club account and was sentenced to 5 years probation. Those are facts straight from the courthouse....So what are we missing here? He's an amazing person that made some seriously stupid mistakes trying to shore up his own finances? Give me a break! He should not and according to Judge English, will not be organizing any baseball in Fayette County for PTB or USSSA.

Submitted by Make it Better on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 3:47pm.

Take a look at and you will see that he is still listed as vice president. Come on City of PTC get rid of this bad seed, we don't need this trash teaching our children.

This guy also plays the victim on his announcement on I guess he is President of that league - God help them. I see he has something to add to his resume - he knows how to pass a lie detector test.

2boysRmine's picture
Submitted by 2boysRmine on Sun, 09/28/2008 - 6:38pm.
At the site listed above is a statement written by Trebuchon. He, until recently, served as Georgia State Director for USSSA Baseball. This is an organization that is very familiar to any family that participates in little league baseball in Fayette County. Considering the amount of money that is put into this organization by many of us I was quite concerned when I heard about the band booster incident when the story first broke.

Submitted by juno988 on Tue, 09/30/2008 - 7:59pm.

I believe Mr. Trebuchon is a National Director now of USSSA Baseball. I guess this court ruling means he can no longer organize any tournaments in Fayette County. Fayette County Baseball will be much better without his influence and USSSA's all for money attitude!

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