What distraction from the Administration this week?

What will occur now to distract us from owing 12 Trillion dollars now after bailing out the banks and holding companies?

A lady from Alaska as a Possible President was the last one! (If John don't make it). The republicans and the media went absolutely wild!!!!! Mooseburgers, skinner, sister avenger and all.

We ain't gonna never get back to the 7 year war in the middle east with Iran and Pakistan yet to go.

Four hurricanes at the same time in the ocean helped for a week or two. Then the Texas water surge which is worse now than just after it happened---no electricity, food, or shelter!

The Russians served well for a couple of weeks by invading Georgia--but Alabama threatened them and they backed up to two other provinces there for awhile.

Wall street is still at it---adding 2-3 hundred billion per day it seems in wanted handouts. Are ALL BANKS and leverages combining so they can borrow all that cash Paulson printed? (THE GUY RUNNING THE STOCK EXCHANGE DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE (remember we paid the last one 250 million severance pay), NOR THE FEDERAL RESERVE CHAIRMAN, NOR THE TREASURY SECRETARY--IT IS APPARENT!!!!)

I wonder about the republican pension plan= 401ks!
Are Annuities and Insurance plans safe! No one seem to know---lot of guessing.

Are we going to hang maybe 500 of the hedge fund managers who are worth about 200 billion--secreted in Switzerland!

Derivitives seems to be going down hill also----but I bore you.

I am really more concerned with Chinese poison, if it isn't them it our e-coli spinach, etc.

Now NATO, there is a winner. Oh, We knew Bush had no foreign policy when we elected him.

Inflation is eating me up more than anything, on my fixed income (if I still have one).
Even Fayette County is sending out bigger bills and hiring more! The schools seem to need 20% more every year!

It is a wonderful fall so far as the weather is concerned. I suppose Lake Lanier must be full now---I don't hear anybody asking that we conserve water anymore---but I do have sand in my refrigerator filter!

I think we need to give the clueless republicans one more chance to save our planet.

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Submitted by wheeljc on Mon, 09/22/2008 - 10:21am.


Submitted by Bonkers on Mon, 09/22/2008 - 10:18am.

Oh, that guy we paid (and I say we due to taxes now paying for his goofing off) 250 million in severance for doing such a wonderful job of allowing the big money exchangers to rob, cheat and steal, and I also recall all those conservative dudes saying he earned every penny due to them also getting rich off my money!
Is this capitalism?

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