"All The Tea In China"

There used to be a saying, "All The Tea In China," wouldn't make me sell or do so and so.

Its usage disappeared due to the fact that practically no one now has that kind of principles! Many things now will change almost everyone's mind about nearly anything---at least verbally.

Would you ever have though that Bob Barr would be on the payroll of the ones now paying him? (ACLU)

Joe Lieberman wants in the executive so badly that he will run with anybody who will have him. First Gore, then Obama who fooled him.

Bob Woodward, however is still hunting rats! I knew so many Generals couldn't be so incompetent! Hell, they weren't even seriously considered---decisions already made.

Remember all of the lies that banks told us for the last 5-6 years? They knew no one in this administration gave a rat about suckers.

And just how does one political party constantly spout family values when their leaders have none, church teachings (Jewish-Christian), balanced budgets, conservative debt--and everything else--constant war, and more crooks allowed to operate, than any other party, ever!

Now they want us to believe that drilling for all the oil we know about will solve the oil crisis!
Known reserves of oil indicate that the USA has about 3% only of it. We currently use 30% of all used!

If we drilled in the rest of that 3%, how on earth does that solve our usage problem of being the one using 30% of what is now available?

Yes, if we had it right now (takes about 10-15 years to build refineries and drill all of the wells and pipe it everywhere. By then Russia and China will be using 30% of all there is!
We are not dumb bastards--at least not all of us!

Been expecting some local banks to be taken over or closed due to the credit situation but I see where Delta is building a third credit union in Fayette County! Do they know something, or are they behind in the news?

You know it just might be time fer thet thar jim feller to have the town bild him a ize rank after all! Wif nuther jim in back and a bunch uf them venedr machines.

Or sumone cude put up one uf them "Direct Buy" offices hyar in PTC. You know the ones whut charge ya 3-4,000 dolars tuh jine, then order everthang frum same place you cude, and sic jackleg stallers on ya.
The say 30-40 % savins, but thets off the full factory price---you kin get thet and mor local these days! False ads are rampant!

Didn't mean to lapse there--it is just getting kind of discouraging with blowhards like Limburger, Hannity, Rumsfeld, and a fixed stock marketm oil market, and a disappearing middle class, with no insurance or pension!

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Submitted by Bonkers on Sun, 09/14/2008 - 5:12pm.

I did contact the Palin camp about what their policy was, Or doctrine--if you wish, on some of the above items, and they said they would get back to me with a written statement, signed by her! hey don't have such stuff in Alaska and nearly everyone is on the oil dole.

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