Etowah crushes Starr's Mill at the Dome, 47-24

Sat, 08/23/2008 - 3:13pm
By: Kevin Wandra

The Boykin surname is one that has haunted the Starr’s Mill Panthers in the past.

Brandon Boykin, a former standout quarterback/cornerback at Fayette County who is now playing at Georgia, helped lead his team to a 28-14 victory over Starr’s Mill last season.

Another Boykin, running back Ryan Boykin, rushed for four touchdowns and 272 yards Saturday to lead the Etowah Eagles to a 47-24 victory over Starr’s Mill in the 17th annual Corky Kell Classic at the Georgia Dome.

The ultra-fast and shifty Boykin, who isn't related to Brandon Boykin, shredded Starr’s Mill’s overmatched defense, scoring on runs of 21, 21, 75 and 29 yards.

"He's pretty good," Starr's Mill coach Mike Earwood said of Boykin. "He's one of the best backs in the state this year. He possesses a combination of size, speed and acceleration that is pretty impressive."

Boykin had three touchdowns in the second half, exploiting a Starr's Mill defense that graduated two of its top players last season, linebackers Chris Sudduth and Parker duPont.

Two of Starr's Mill's starting linebackers, Stephen Roberts and Chris Nowicki, were playing their first game at the position. Last season, Roberts played defensive end and Nowicki played safety.

"We are a work in progress on defense," Earwood said. "Two of our three linebackers (Roberts and Nowicki) are playing a new position. That personnel issue, coupled with Etowah's very explosive offense -- it's one of the best offenses we will ever play -- is why we lost. We won't face a better team than Etowah this year, even if we make the state playoffs."

Etowah finished with 516 total yards of offense. It was especially potent on the ground, compiling 419 yards rushing.

Proving that it’s not a one-man show, Etowah jumped out to an early 14-0 without Boykin finding the end zone.

James Harris threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to Taylor Majors on the opening drive, and Jason Holdway raced into the end zone untouched on a 25-yard run.

Starr’s Mill answered with its most impressive drive of the game; Spencer Penson took the ball on a sweep off left tackle and scored on a 5-yard run to cap a 12-play, 74-yard drive in the second quarter.

Quarterback Myles Jaye kept the drive alive by converting three third downs with his arm; He completed an 18-yard pass to Terrell Tripp on a third-and-8, a 17-yard pass to Tripp on a third-and-10 and a 7-yard pass to Dan Ellis off a play action on a third-and-4.

Boykin broke through Starr’s Mill’s defense for his first touchdown touchdown later in the quarter, taking an option pitch from Harris and reaching the end zone on a 21-yard run to hand Etowah a 20-7 lead at halftime.

He set up his own touchdown with runs of 12 and 24 yards on the drive.

The Panthers desperately needed an immediate boost in the second half, and they got it from Tripp, who returned the opening kickoff 90 yards down the left sideline for a touchdown. Tripp displayed a couple of nifty moves on the long return, juking two players in the open field.

Tripp’s touchdown made it 20-14, but Boykin increased Etowah’s cushion on its next series, taking an option pitch from Harris, stutter-stepping Starr’s Mill free safety Ken Jackson in the open field and scoring on a 21-yard run that completed a six-play 80-yard drive.

Harris set up Boykin’s touchdown with long runs off the option keeper on consecutive plays, a 25- and 22-yarder.

A 27-yard touchdown pass from Starr’s Mil backup quarterback Adam Holley to a wide-open Dan Ellis down the middle of the field made it a one-touchdown game again (27-21) with 5:02 remaining in the third quarter.

But the Eagles’ Boykin put the game out of reach with his last two touchdown runs, a 75-yarder on the next play from scrimmage after Ellis’ touchdown catch and a 29-yarder in the fourth quarter.

Boykin exploded through the middle of Starr’s Mill’s defense on both runs.

Two plays from scrimmage after Boykin’s 29-yard scoring run, Etowah defensive back Jason Padgett intercepted a Jaye pass and returned it 57 yards for a touchdown to make it 47-21.

Starr’s Mill’s final points were scored on a 37-yard field goal by Chris Ward late in the fourth quarter.

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Submitted by jokerman on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 6:38am.

Who cares.....Zzzzzzzzz

cogitoergofay's picture
Submitted by cogitoergofay on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 4:09pm.

Today's day at the Dome was a good one despite the appearance. Good summary Kev. Even my wife commented "When you score 24 points in a high school game you figure you might be in it." Not today. Though the Panthers show some promise, they were manhandled and outplayed, particularly in the trenches. Etowah's OL put up holes all day that Cal Beverly could have scored through. Apparently Etowah didn't get the press reports about MLB Stephen Roberts (who has promise) because they just ran right over him most of the day. Roberts is good but wasn't a factor today. Watch for that to change.

Let's look at the good news. The Panthers show more promise this season than Kev's Jets and admittedly they played a really good, sharp team today. Terrell Tripp-- thank you for the electrifying kickoff run back to start the second half that was worth the drive and exemplified the greatness and fun of high school football. And if you love football you have got to see the Panthers if for no other reason than to see their punter #91, Chris Ward. No kidding, a punter. There is a reason why he already has a free ride to NC State. He boxed Etowah in around their goalline on a punt that the return man misjudged because he apparently has been catching punts from boys--- until today. DB Daryl Hunt apparently got an earful in the locker room from Coach Earwood because he came out in the second half hitting like someone insulted his mama. And who was that sophmore QB that got in at the end Adam Holley? Not bad. Finally, our band looked sharp and our kids in stands were well-behaved and had fun. I don't ever remember taking my shirt off and putting paint on but knock yourselves out guys.

Thanks for a good show Panthers even though it wasn't a win.

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