We are a bunch of weirdos

We are either looking for Sasquatch--Yette--Big Foot, or leprechauns, dinosaurs still living, unicorns, Jimmy Hoffa, Elvis, UFO's, little green men with big eyes, or crop circles from outer space people.

All of that doesn't even take in all the mysteries in the Bible, the Koran, and other such writings, including all of the wonders of the religious practices everywhere!

Death however seems to be the one thing that occupies most of our thoughts and prayers---ooops, I said it.
We don't know what to make of it. Why does it happen? Can it happen to me, really? When?
Will it hurt long? Will I instantly be able to float overhead and watch those idiots rambling around on the ground?
We don't know, and that is the reason for most of this?
Faith solves the problem sufficiently to be able to stand going on until IT happens for most. But the rules that go with faith seem to really throw us for a loop! Do we need to get drunk again? Would that good looking woman be worth pursuing? I'll pick up the faith again tomorrow!
We are weird...mostly. Even our most holy ones seem to be having pious problems, or problems with being pious all of the time...no, most of the time!

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Submitted by Bonkers on Fri, 08/22/2008 - 6:44pm.

I want to mention the supermarket tabloid readers who believe nearly every word! It shore is nise to know thet Brittany doesn't wear any underpants and get pregnant all of the time. Whose got her youngins now, anyway?
Then we have the rassler fans--a lot of them also lak NASCAR and also dirt track racin. Howsumever beer-jonts air their best passtime.

Goin to "church" to hear severale "preachers" holler fer hours, three-four times a week also are prominent. Sumtimes the subject uf the "Church" meetins is political. Or bout welfare or a fire station bein shet down.

Now Gwinnett has dedicated a whole hiway to foreign minorities. This has created a county of one-half minorities with hardly a African-American! Kinda like Brooklyn of the early part of the 20th century--what wif them bein run off from Europe!
Thet worked out purdy gude thoughe!

There ain't hardly a one person in thu Atlanta area whut ain't been to Panama City at least twicest! Seams lak it is relaxin tuh them! I don't no whut they got agin thu east coast and the keys! Mebe they lak that funny gme where people sling a hard ball back and forth with a crooked stick with a holder on the end!
That mite go over here in PTC if built in conjunct with a ize rank!
Town ought to build it and give it to a red-nek tuh run!

Now meny here lak to go to the cock fights in the mountains or the horse breedin farms in south GA. They kin also hunt wif the VP of the USA thar fer burds turned loose out un a cage jest when ye drive by in the back uf a spensive pick-up truck. They air easie tuh shoot wif #8 birdshot! And if ya git shot in thu face you probbly will live!

Amphitheaters seem to attrackt weird dudes sometimes. Chastain people have parties, drink beer and whiskey and eat tons of fried chicken while talented people on the stage are ignored!! Some uf them won't come back.
The one hear in PTC is bout to shet down due to undisciplined adults and liquor!

Then we haf the dudes who play tennis and golf goof-off! In regulated facilities you see. Sum uf these also do som of these other things also, sometimes.

About 12-15 trips (free, mostly) on aeroplanes by families and others, fly off to exotic places fer a few day rail often. Lord knows whut goes on thar! Kids are mostly left at home to have their own parties in the neighborhood.

Yet, we haf scores uf "churches" in the County where a lot of soberin up goes on each Sunday and sometimes Saturday mornin. Then everthang is alright fer nother week!

Submitted by Bonkers on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 6:39pm.

Isn't this bout the time of the year when sum of our towns go to the banks and borrow a bunch of money to git by on til the house tax comes in? People wif unpaid-off houses ain;t got no tax money these days much.
Saw where Tyrone got som extra money, or is getin some, from a bank by cashin in a CD? I shore hope the bank has the money in cash. If not they will lose all of it due to no FDIC not available over 100K. Did the bank git to use thet tht money fer free since tyrone is drawin it out early?

I tell you folks our credit dun worn thin!

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