Report Card For Tyrone Government

Grades are in for the 1st Semester 2008

1. Procedure - F - Executive Sessions violate the law. Last minute notice of called meetings reminiscent of Barry, Minutes to vague and posting takes too long. Historical Minutes still not posted prior to 2005.

2. Campaign Promises - F - Complete refusal to evaluate, change or repeal destructive zoning ordinances that they all promised to do.

3. Knowledge of Ordinances - F - No effort whatsoever to educate themselves on their own laws.

4. Ability to communicate - D - Audience can’t hear what’s being said at public hearing. Mayor mumbles and does not distinguish who’s voting Yes or No.

5. Common Sense & Independent Thinking - F - Government is totally dependent on lawyer for all decisions. Citizens needs are determined by lawyer and not their elected representatives.

6. Ethics Issue - D - Compliments to Dial for suggesting adoption of this very important state law, but he hasn’t followed through with a motion and council has ignored action.

7. Town manager Venice - F - What a blunder! Provides zero leadership. What in the hell is she doing? Just another high-priced, long time retread bureaucrat. Actually told a citizen that she didn’t know anything about the misappropriated public funds, then said it was no concern of hers. Does not respond to citizens’ letters.

8. Mayor - F - Chief Executive without leadership. Equivalent to Sheryl Lee. Could use web or news letter to inform and clarify government actions and objectives but doesn’t. The buck definitely doesn’t stop here.

9. Town Lawyer - F - They run the show. Represents government only and not the citizens. Twists legal opinions in favor of government. We can’t continue to pay for non-representation.

10. Planning Commission - F - Too inexperienced to do the job. Poor job by council and management in evaluating their credentials. Chairman Shenkle is rumored to have attempted to look at the zoning ordinances but after seeing Valerie’s filing mess said, where do I start?

11. Shamrock Park - No Grade - Credit of cleaning the park goes to citizen Judy Jefferson. Give her an A.

12. Firing of Barry & Valerie - A+ - Let’s give credit where credit is due. This was huge. How did they ever summon the courage to do it? But even a child could have made this no-brain decision.

13. Budget - B - Did a good job here given what they inherited, and didn’t raise taxes. Or did they? Someone recently said they did, but I didn’t see it. The final grade is still out here, especially with lawyers’ fees.

14. Misappropriated Public Funds - F - Colossal cover up here. Protection of taxpayers money is of the highest government priority; in law clear knowledge of the illegalities and failure to call for outside investigation may topple the entire government.

15. Grace & Gloria - C - All talk, little action. These two experienced councilwomen seem to understand the problems but don’t know how to use their authority to get results.

16. Tracy Young - F - This newly elected councilman is a complete disgrace to himself, his friends, the voters, campaign workers, and his responsibilities as an elected representative. It’s not saying much for Tracy, but at least we knew where Smola stood.

17. Town Assistants - A - Dee, Dina & Mary Sturm have turned out to be the brightest spots at Town Hall. These cooperative, professional ladies are a joy to work with. Too bad they have no authority.

Over-all Government Grade - D - Poor.

Conclusion: The old government got all F’s. The new group has barely survived total failure and seems to get worse by the day.

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Submitted by upwithTyrone on Mon, 08/04/2008 - 2:06pm.

You are entitled to your opinion, mine is different. I wouldn't give out all As now, but this group is certainly better than the last one.

You shouldn't expect overnight change, the prior group had 5+ years to mess things up, this group has had actually maybe 5 months in the job to do effective things. The first 3 don't count...

Anyway, I'll defend your right to say your drivel, but consider the source when I read it...

Submitted by tnag on Mon, 07/28/2008 - 8:58pm.

who do the elected offcials of Tyrone work for? The citizens ! Why can we not throw them all out and have a new special election??

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