Tennant hides his role in tax increase

Tue, 10/18/2005 - 4:56pm
By: Letters to the ...

Dan Tennant is trying to come back after being defeated in a landslide for City Council two years ago, only now he thinks we need or want him for mayor. I think it’s impossible. I also know you can’t open a door on a pressurized aircraft at altitude, but I won’t take a chance with someone pulling on the handle.

In his interview in The Citizen on Oct. 7, Tennant alludes to lowering our taxes and reducing city spending by 7 percent if elected. He hints that property taxes going up 40 percent in the last five years are the fault of the current administration.

He was a member of the administration the first three of those five years. The City Council minutes tell it all; reference the Peachtree City Web site.

For starters, Councilman Tennant didn’t attend the July 20, 2000, budget workshop. He then missed the Sept. 7, 2000, City Council meeting in which the budget was discussed as a public hearing. I guess he has no responsibility for the FY2001 budget.

The following year, Dan Tennant was absent from both the July 19, 2001, and Aug. 4, 2001, budget workshops. Topping it off, he missed the Aug. 16, 2001, City Council meeting, when again the budget was addressed in a public hearing. Absolved from responsibility for FY2002 budget as well.

Fast forward to Aug. 12, 2002, a budget workshop Dan made it to. Dan Tennant states, “He is unequivocally against a 35 percent millage increase in one year ... suggest a model with an 8 percent increase each year.”

There’s a good portion of the 40 percent he says taxes have increased. His last statement of the meeting, “he would rather see a unanimous vote on the budget and that a 4-1 vote did not send a good message ... he could support a 9 percent increase.”

His council record shows who he is, all about show and ego, no substance. Just as he patronizes us Delta employees, implying he will also help us out, he wants us to believe he will help Peachtree City.

Delta employees will get by without Dan Tennant, and so will Peachtree City. His record as a councilman and his personal financial history show he is not a viable candidate for mayor.

Paul Schwanitz
Peachtree City, Ga.

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Submitted by Greg T. Madison on Sun, 10/23/2005 - 9:50pm.

OH OH Paul, I knew Mr. Schwanitz would start to show his face around town once Dan Tennant announced he is running for mayor. You see the truth behined the man that is merley a joke around town(Schwanitz), is that he is Dan's x-wife's new boyfriend. You see anyone that has followed Politics Knows there are only two groups of people that HATE Dan: number one, Steve Brown supporters (who cares) and number two, Dan's X- Wife Groupies. My new undecleared, self appointed job for this election, is to wipe that second group out so they are not a factor when you make your voting decision. OK, now with that being said let's disproove Mr. Paul's first attempt of shutting down Dan Tennant. Paul basically says, that Dan is just as much to blame as Brown is for our unbelivable high taxes. Well he has left out one key point; Dan Tennant is the only person that stopped our city from being hit with a double digit tax increase. You see Dan Tennant said that he would keep our taxes low, and I'd say, thank god, Dan stuck by his word and fought for those lower taxes. STAY TUNED BECAUSE I KNOW GROUP NUMBER TWO WILL BE LIEING MORE AND MORE AS WE GET CLOSER TO NOVEMBER 8th.

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